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Only Chess Forum

  1. 30 Oct '06 03:30
    Hey is anyone else here from Pacific Mall chess/checkers site?
    I used to play there all the time but now it's seemed to've disappeared.
    My screen name there was Pavlo. I was wondering if they just changed their address again or what? They did that once that i can remember.
    Grrr. they better not be blocking/banning me is why i can't get in......
    (just kidding ha,ha,ha )
  2. 30 Oct '06 11:10
    Hi Pavlo.

    I don't know what happened to Pacific Mall. I've been playing their for years and I was sad to see in go in such an inglorious way.

    There were a lot of friendly people on that site and it would have been nice to have met them all again here, or some other more modern chess playing site.

    I know where Lemmings plays now, but he's the only one. I tried e-mailing warthog5, but I didn't get a reply so I assume the address I had was wrong. I'm sure Blackjack will be around on one of the more popular sites when he isn't out shooting defenceless animals.
  3. 31 Oct '06 17:51
    Originally posted by alexstclaire
    this isnt an english class you stupid 1500, so you can shove it too
    It is, in a sense, always English class. You are using the English language to convey your thoughts and doing so quite poorly, even by the standards of message boards. You will find that an inability to express yourself effectively will handicap you significantly in life. Due to your lack of skills, I do not understand your screeds and find them irritating.
  4. 31 Oct '06 19:23 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by alexstclaire of the reasons these forums are so dull is cuz of squares like you trying to be all nice and stuff......

    SHOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you don't want dull forums I suggest you go to the debates forum.

    Posting rude and off topic comments does not make the forums interesting or less dull by the way.

    If you really need to blow some steam off, just create your own thread titled 'shove it', which seems your favourite saying, and go ahead. But please don't pollute other threads.
  5. 15 May '07 05:35
    Hi pavlo, I am Warthog5 from pacmall. If you are still playing, reply to me. There are several expacmallians playing at I go by abyssmal at that site. I think this site is better organized, but that other site has some cool features that make it more like pacmall. I've begun a crusade to get the programmers to create lobby games like pacmall. ciao
  6. 17 Jun '07 01:24
    Hey Pavlo, It's the Warthog from PacMall. Some of us are playing at . At that site, I am known as abyssmal. If you go there, I can get you hooked up. TonyD, Noreastson, Khayman, Cubs, and a few others are there.

    See you there.