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  1. 05 Dec '08 04:24
    Hi everyone, I asked this question to the red hot pawn administrators and they advised me to get my answer through the forum-
    Assuming one has played lots of games in the FIDE/USCF, and red hot pawn, how do the ratings compare to one another? It would be great if you guys had examples. Thanks in advance!
  2. 05 Dec '08 04:45
    I'm 787 USCF, 1591 here.
  3. Standard member clandarkfire
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    05 Dec '08 04:51
    1423 USCF, 1712 here
  4. 05 Dec '08 05:08
    im 2857 uscf and 37 here
  5. Standard member clandarkfire
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    05 Dec '08 05:22
    Originally posted by alexstclaire
    im 2857 uscf and 37 here
    har har
  6. 05 Dec '08 11:47
    I don't think the ratings can be compared. OTB and CC is as different as [cencored] and [cencored].

    For the start, RHP is a faily small community compared with the FIDE and USCF, meaning that there might very well be a inflation, or deflation, of ratings, without we even know it.

    Secondly we have differnet way of looking at the board. A two dimensional vs a real board gies different advantages for either case.

    Thirdly we have opening books available when playing, that OTB cannot have, we can thing whenever we want, not when my opponent want. I can play slowly, or fast, at my chosing.

    So I think that the ratings cannot be compared.
  7. 05 Dec '08 12:09
    I have a FIDE rating, but it's based on only one tournament I played when I was a teen (it's 1300 or so). At RHP I'm 1470 currently.
  8. 05 Dec '08 13:15
    I find they're usually within 100 points of each other.

    USCF: 1690
    USCF Quick: 1665
    RHP: 1677