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  1. 03 Dec '11 14:51
    Another amazing recent coincidence.

    A competition with a great Chess book as a prize.

    (Just had an idea for a chess book. Not:
    The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played. But:
    The Most Destructive Games of Chess Ever Played.)

    A Chess Trick showed to me by a U-Boat Captain and Copy Cat games.

    Blog 4
  2. 03 Dec '11 23:48
    A Scotsman getting something for free I can believe.........but giving it away? Did I hear someone say : "behold, another miracle!"....
  3. 04 Dec '11 00:17
    Game 8881545

    1. Kt-KB3 P-Q4
    2. P-Q4 P-QB4
    3. P-QB4 Kt-KB3
    4. QPxP P-K3
    5. P-QKt4 P-QR4
    6. P-Kt5 BxP
    7. P-K3 0-0
    8. P-QR4 Kt-K5
    9. Kt-Q4 Q-B3
    10. Kt-B3 Q-R8
    11. QKt-Q2 Q-B3
    12. Kt-Kt3 B-Kt5
    13. B-Q2 Kt-Q2
    14. B-K2 BxB ch
    15. KKtxB QxP mate

    I don't need the book if i at all qualify, the game isn't great and i hope the notation is correct, on top of that i live in belgium, just wanted to thank for the blog. Bought "art of checkmate" on your recommendation and the descriptive notation is really easy to get into and i imagine it has improved my game already having read the first 3 chapters! It will give me enough to study for the rest of my life i'm sure
  4. 04 Dec '11 02:55
    The winner is: Aanepade. Here is the PM showing the time it was sent
    Thanks to all the others 12 who PM'd in (and the one who posted on here
    and the one. who posted in the comments box).

    Dec 03 2011 17:17
    Subject Quickest checkmate

    Hi Greenpawn

    Here's my quickest checkmate on the site, in descriptive notation. The game is no 6675058. The Big Bishop vs Aanepade.

    1. P-Q4 N-KB3
    2. P-QB4 P-K4
    3. PxP N-N5
    4. B-B4 N-QB3
    5. N-KB3 Q-K2
    6. N-B3 KNxKP
    7. P-KN3 NxN checkmate


    And for you poor people who do not know how to read descriptive.

  5. Standard member TimmyBx
    04 Dec '11 04:07
    You can get a copy of all the games in "Most Instructive..." in PGN format here:

    I read his "logical chess move by move" years ago, and really liked it a lot. I probably would have got "most instructive..." at the time if it had been in algebraic notation.

    It is only $9.95 new on amazon, with free shipping if you spend 25 dollars total, so might be cheaper to actually buy a new one, than have the used one shipped depending on location of the winner lol.
  6. Standard member chessicle
    The Chessicle
    04 Dec '11 09:42
    My introduction to chess wasn't quite a forced break in symmetry, but it put me off symmetrical openings for a long time. It was this trap in the Petroff - sometimes, breaking the symmetry is not helpful!

  7. 04 Dec '11 11:14
    My shortest checkmate here, I was quite pleased with:

    I know what descriptive notation is, but it is not natural for me. My father-in-law (who is Brazillian) gave me a chess book not only with descriptive notation but Spanish Descriptive notation. So I need to translate the notation and book via my knowledge of portuguese and descriptive notation!
  8. Standard member chessicle
    The Chessicle
    04 Dec '11 11:54
    Oh, well, if we're posting our shortest mates - gratuitous Queen sac, no less!

  9. 04 Dec '11 14:57
    If it's short mate showing time how about Game 5229133

    That trap in the Petroff has caught out loads of players on here.

    in 2006 Kopsov User 216649 fell for it twice in the same tournament
    Game 2014570 and Game 2014610
  10. Subscriber Proper Knob
    04 Dec '11 15:48

    While we're at it.
  11. Subscriber dzirilli
    04 Dec '11 17:47
    since I bothered to submit it to the contest, why not post it here?

  12. 04 Dec '11 21:57 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by dzirilli
    since I bothered to submit it to the contest, why not post it here?
    Mine was much less interesting
  13. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    05 Dec '11 23:52
    A shorter mirror game ending in mate:

  14. 06 Dec '11 02:59
    Originally posted by SwissGambit
    A shorter mirror game ending in mate:

    [Event "Edited game"]
    [Site ""]
    [Date "2011.12.05"]
    [Round "-"]
    [White "-"]
    [Black "-"]
    [Result "1-0"]

    1. c4 c5 2. Qa4 Qa5 3. Qc6 Qc3 4. Qxc8#
    What is this sillyness?

  15. 06 Dec '11 03:05
    Good spot SG.

    After winning money with the 5 move one - do it with the 4 move one.