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  1. 24 Dec '08 16:16
    You folks that have played in live tourneys - is there a standard time that is the norm for most tournament games? (non-blitz)
  2. 24 Dec '08 16:19
    Not really. It depends on the size of the tournament. Most Saturday tournaments I play in are G/60 +5 second delay. When I used to play month long tournaments where you would play a game every Wednesday starting at 7 it was 40/2; SD/1 + 5 sec. delay.
  3. 25 Dec '08 06:31
    well if you played in a tournament they would give you 5 hours per move and the other person would have 2 minutes for the whole game, this way you would be able to win 1 out of 500 games
  4. 25 Dec '08 06:46
    I haven't played in years, but the norm was game in 45 and game in 60. A friend of mine went to a tourn recently, and it had the 5 second delay. It is nearly impossible to win on time with the 5 second delay. I would hate that. Of course I never play blitz with an increment either (except 10 second/1 second hehe). It sort of defeats the purpose. There is time pressure, but the game can go on forever time wise.
  5. 25 Dec '08 12:24
    When I still played tournaments it was usually with a 2-3 hour clock.
  6. 25 Dec '08 14:03
    common is hour long games or 90 minutes with a sudden death of 30 minutes after 40 moves for shorter tournaments.

    Longer tournaments are an hour and a half and after 40 moves an extra hour or hour and a half.
  7. 28 Dec '08 11:57