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  1. 20 Nov '10 06:31
    Here's a 3/0 I just played on FICS... fun stuff

  2. 20 Nov '10 06:32
    I'm black, btw.
  3. 20 Nov '10 06:39 / 1 edit
    Saw a similar trap in I A Horowitz New traps in the chess openings. Nice one!
  4. 20 Nov '10 09:02
    Lovely. I wonder if your opponent was scratching his head in bewilderment over your promotion.
  5. 20 Nov '10 10:33
    That was brilliant. I salute you.
  6. Donation ketchuplover
    20 Nov '10 11:06
    me too!
  7. 20 Nov '10 11:09 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by amolv06
    I'm black, btw.
    lol, aye the Lasker trap in the Albin counter gambit i think its called, I had a similar
    game on here,

    I usually shy away from traps, because there are many that if we follow and they don't
    succeed they wreck or position, but this one is sound 🙂
  8. 20 Nov '10 21:02 / 1 edit
    That's an ancient gem from the year 1800 and spot.
    Always good to see the unread get a lesson.

    I count 39 victims of this trap on RHP.
    Michas User 93247 has caught 7 players with it.

    39 traps sprung and 38 Black wins.
    Here is the sole (to date) White win.

    Black trades Queens 8...Qxd1+? the correct follow up is 8...Qh4+
    More slack play from Black and White is right back in the game.
    Black walks into a Magnus skewer (don't know if this lad tried to take the move back.)