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  1. Subscriber ogb
    07 Mar '18 13:41
    Have a "chip" placed in your brain..if so..which one?
  2. Standard member apathist
    looking for loot
    07 Mar '18 14:45 / 1 edit
    A Ruffles maybe. In my enteric brain.
  3. Subscriber ogb
    11 Mar '18 13:46
    what about a "chess chip"...all the known openings/defenses implanted in your brain..sounds great to me !
  4. Subscriber lemondrop
    The Art of War
    11 Mar '18 13:55
    a happy chip
  5. 12 Mar '18 10:31
    Originally posted by @ogb
    Have a "chip" placed in your brain..if so..which one?
    Irrelevant - I already don't like mondays.
  6. Subscriber WOLFE63
    Fair and Balanced
    13 Mar '18 08:40
    Originally posted by @shallow-blue
    Irrelevant - I already don't like mondays.
    I'd some: A chip in the brain would be worth two on the shoulder.
  7. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    19 Mar '18 13:54 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by @ogb
    Have a "chip" placed in your brain..if so..which one?
    It doesn't matter what we think, it will be a fact in a few years. Children are ALREADY getting chips to track them if they are kidnapped.
    I think in 20 years or so all the bit with our obsession with smart phones will be put inside our heads where no external box is needed at all. The only downside, or ONE of the downsides of that anyway, is I would not like to have an RF transmitter inside my skull. Once they do that, the traditional smart phone will be a thing of the past but then there would be study after study about the effects of low power RF in the brain, by then newer technologies like fliptronics which uses thousands of times less energy will be integrated into all this and powered by some kind of energy generation inside the body, thermo conversion or some such, where no batteries will be ever needed but there would still be the issue of RF generated inside someone's skull.

    There are ongoing studies right now about holding cell phones next to your ear while a 100 milliwatt RF is going through one's head right now. That issue has been studied about Amateur radio walkie talkies but the power there is like 50 or more times higher RF fields but the real issue is not the amount of actual power but the power times time. If you have a 1 watt field near your head for 1 minute the same heating or whatever will happen with a 1/10th watt going on for ten minutes and you know once people start talking on their phones they don't shut up, they might be on it till the batteries die, maybe an hour or more.

    One way would be to limit the RF power to say ONE milliwatt and have that much more in the way of antennae on the cell towers. From 100 milliwatt signals to 1 milliwatt would only require a 20 db increase in the gain of the cell antennae. So that may be one solution if everything now fits in a chip or even more advanced, nanotech floating around in the body. It all points out to me the idea that in a hundred years or so the internet will be inside your brain and all the information therein available to be injected directly into ones optic and audio receptors in the brain itself, bypassing the actual sense organs completely.

    That would be the great equalizer, there would be no such thing after that of humans playing humans on a chess board or such, they would be both playing at a FIDE 4000 rating area due to augmentation of the brain. It also would lead to many brains hooking together directly to solve problems we can only guess at now.

    It will be a different world for sure. Imagine 10 billion people directly connected through very low power RF links from China to Antarctica. My guess is if and when all that happens there will be concerted efforts to hide your own self from this new net. I am not in any way saying I would welcome such 'advances' but I think that is what is going to happen like it or not.

    The present obsession with smart phones is pointing the way to that eventuality. I myself am finding myself playing chess on my cell, word games and such and spend hours doing so and I am an ancient, not born into this new crap. I remember back in the year 2001, my boss had me go to Rutgers to their lab to pick up some science work and I saw 3 students with cell phones, not even smart phones at that point, just flip phones, all walking together and all three on cell talking to other people, I am thinking 'welcome to the 21st century'.

    Now it it commonplace. I remember at an airport back then maybe 2005 or so and two kids across from each other in the waiting area texting each other even though they were about 6 feet apart. It is such frivolity that messes up the entire system in my opinion. What we have now is the obsessed generation and that will only go further when we get chips or nano inside where we never have to worry about broken cell phones or dead batteries.

    That stuff would go dead only when the person dies. But for me, I will never see that result but can still imagine the future of it. That development would put our present day smart phone industrial production to a halt much like the development of automobiles killed the buggy whip industry. Then comes the issue of how will the powers that be to make money off such a development.

    I guess some kind of new monetary unit will have to be invented to cover such 'improvements' maybe you would rent out part of your brain power to be part of some project, where you would give say 10% of your brain to such projects and you would not notice the difference since what you would be lending out would be so much more powerful than what we have today, as much as we tout the CPU power of modern smart phones, that will pale in comparison to future developments of CPU power in the future where CPU power would be measured in EXAflops or some such, inside one's head.

    The next step after that would be to encode all that in our DNA such that our children will have all that built in from birth. Doesn't THAT give you pause.

    One thing, such developments would make it much harder for violent crimes to remain unsolved. Obviously even with boku augmentation of brain power, there will still be violent behavior unless the new tech can actually tone down such but when a violent event happens, bombing, robbery, rape and such, the perp would have a much harder time to get away with it. It would be like the present build up of camera tech everywhere now but expanded to the optic nerves used to capture video and transmitted to law enforcement everywhere.

    This lead to the question of how we preserve privacy, having sex in our bedrooms and such would not be a place people would want to have snooping of any kind so there will be checks and balances on all that.

    After all those developments will we still be human? Also what happens if Dophins are equipped with the same tech? or Gibbons or dogs or parakeets?

    Can you imagine the scene where Dolphins are suing humans for their own rights or some such?

    Welcome to the 22nd century🙂