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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 08 Dec '04 23:29
    Like the page automatically refress ever 30 seconds or minute.
    That would make life easier. Not when you are on a turn, when you are waiting for a turn to come up instead of having to go and click on My games every time you want to see if there is a game waiting.
  2. Standard member thire
    09 Dec '04 08:49
    don't do that - Russ get's angry then
    No, really: this causes a lot of bandwidth costs (if everybody would do so). (But there are some browsers (eg Opera) which give you the option of autorefreshing pssst! )
  3. 10 Dec '04 05:14
    also you will probably find after you have been on the site for a while you get that many games going that there are always moves to be made

    assuming you subscribe of course