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  1. Joined
    18 Jan '18
    31 Jan '19 09:06
    up until the last changeover, there used to be a chart in the profile group of charts that showed a player's entire history, from day one until today, all-inclusive. but I cannot find that chart any longer? it seems to have disappeared?

    or is it somewhere hidden, that I cannot figure out how to bring it up? would anyone know?

    thanks much

    regards from Jack
  2. SubscriberPonderable
    22 Apr '05
    31 Jan '19 09:11

    I remember that we had a Chart with 300 instead of the now 50 games. This has probably mainly changed due to the use of mobile devices...

    You can still scroll through the whole Profile.

    The idea you propose I would paraphrasethus:

    Please add the possibility to see the Chart of the whole history of a Player. (could be in a Format that you can put in a spreadsheet program
  3. SubscriberRuss
    RHP Code Monkey
    RHP HQ
    21 Feb '01
    31 Jan '19 10:47

    If you visit a player's full profile*, you can still review the full chart.

    * Look for the "Full profile" button at the bottom of the summary profile.