1. Subscribervenda
    18 Apr '10
    09 Jul '11 17:10
    As a leader,I like to find my own challenges as I know who I want to give games to.
    So supposing I want to find a game for a player of average rating 1500:-
    First I have to filter for clans accepting challenges.
    Then I filter by recent challenges as there's some clans with unresponded challenges from months ago.
    I then have to go to each potential clan and see if there's an available player matching my requirements.
    An extra filter - "clan members available for challenges of average rating......" would save me a lot of time.
    I would also like to "amend" an issued challenge on occasions without having to withdraw it and re submit as if a challenge is rejected, I may like to include one or more of the "rejected" players in another issued challenge.