1. Standard memberKellyJay
    Walk your Faith
    24 May '04
    16 Jan '06 19:21
    A discussion about a 20 man clan match started me thinking about

    A clan seige with or without banded rules that to tournaments, apply to the clan sieges. Banded the issue would be ratings that are fair
    within the group playing, the players that played in one round may
    have rating to high to play in the defence of the siege if there are
    banded rules.

    Without banded rules for a clan sieges would simply be like the
    sieges we have now. Except the number of players involved could be
    set, and the names could be fluid each round depending on who
    would be willing to play and who was chooses to play. Instead of red,
    blue, yellow and so on there could be 5 player, 6 player, through 20
    siege. Those accepting the call to play could have their names posted
    so everyone knows before hand when they sign up to play.

    I guess another factor that has to be used would be time limits too,
    so there could be either a set time for all sieges or a number to
    choose from.