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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member Hegemon
    A Lost Bobby
    13 Feb '06 08:19 / 1 edit
    On the assumption that not all clans are complete dictatorships, I would like to see a functionality for clans to put things up for a vote internally. Such as if there is indecision as to letting members join or members beeing kicked out. Other examples may include selection of League team members, rules by which the clan operates, voting for clan member of the year etc. I can see many examples of situations where it would be great to have this functionality.

    The actual code has already been written as it is already a functionality which Russ has for the overall site. It would just be a matter of copying the code, tweaking it so that it saves to a different table, allows clan members to create a vote and making and then putting it into the Clan functions.
  2. 13 Feb '06 22:50
    I like the idea, but you still do have the "message all members" and the private forms which could be used for the voting.
  3. Standard member Hegemon
    A Lost Bobby
    15 Feb '06 14:51
    You can get people's viewpoints and attention via forums but it is difficult to get a straight yes and no. People have this infuriating nature to give thier oppinions way past discussion has run its course.

    voting is clear cut. yes or no. simple majority