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    14 Nov '10
    21 Nov '10 20:11
    Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to this site, but I have an idea that I believe would benefit the site owners and the members.

    I propose making a limited subscription available.
    At this point, I enjoy this site and am interested in playing a little more than 6 games at once. However, $40 is a little more than I want to pay. Yes, I realize its barely 10 cents a day, but even so its more than I'm willing to play at this time.

    I couldn't care less about clans, tournaments, or sieges, but I would be interested in playing a few more games - perhaps a maximum of 20 concurrent games, without the availability of clans, tournaments, and ladders. I'd be willing to play $20 a year for that. I also wouldn't mind keeping the adds.

    I'm guessing a good number of current non subscribers would be willing to pay that amount, so it would generate more revenue for the site owners, and if that option continued to allow adds they wouldn't be losing any profit off of whatever the adds make them.

    04 Sep '04
    22 Nov '10 01:52
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    14 Nov '10
    22 Nov '10 01:55
    That's not what I'm suggesting though.