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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member hAnimate
    mean & green
    21 Jul '07 05:50
    Would it be possible to "permanent skip" some games or give them ultra-low priority so they will not automatically come up as next game to move?

    The reason I ask is that some clans i am in are playing consultation games against each other (unrated challenge by two members of each clan - moves decided upon by the respective clans in their forums) but half a dozen tries already ended prematurely because the player hosting the game were quick and frequent mover who when the other clan made their move was suprised by it and moved as though it were one of their own withoutconsulting the clan.

    It takes quite some control to deliberately skip the same game for a week (forty+ times) when you have lotsof games going on.

    The feature would also be useful in buddy games with frequent players that you're not really in a hurry to finish off.

    I realize this feature could be abused if it enabled player to stall losing games, that is why suggest it might be limited to unrated games?

    If this would be very complicated another idea to differentiate between rated and unrated games: give the board a different color as in this thread Thread 73214
  2. Standard member hAnimate
    mean & green
    22 Jul '07 09:52
    I hate that I misspelt permanent in the title of this post