1. Standard memberCalWriter
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    12 Sep '04
    28 Oct '07 19:47
    It would be great if you could reply to a message sent by an opponent after they have resigned.
  2. Standard memberRagnorak
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    16 Mar '04
    28 Oct '07 20:00
    Originally posted by CalWriter
    It would be great if you could reply to a message sent by an opponent after they have resigned.
    You can go into their profile and PM them from there.

    I agree that a "Reply" link would be good, which would actually send a PM. It doesn't make sense to me to have the reply only in game.

  3. The sky
    05 Apr '05
    28 Oct '07 23:28
    Originally posted by CalWriter
    It would be great if you could reply to a message sent by an opponent after they have resigned.
    Games finished during the last seven days show on your "My Home" page, and if your opponent sent a message on the last move, it will show there, and there will be a link you can click to reply. That will open a PM to your opponent with the game number as the title and a link to the game in the message area.
  4. Joined
    01 Jun '03
    08 Nov '07 08:51
    The following is in no way meant as a criticism of a wonderful site (both in terms of the Chess and the programming). As a frequent user I find that the bugs that have crept into the site recently are irritating.

    A. In the Game History window is it possible to provide a button to turn of the Manipulate Pieces Dialogue Box.?

    It is very annoying that the all-obscuring dialogue box appears almost every time that a piece is left_mouse_button selected for moving on the board when using the board to evaluate variant moves of the current game.

    I assume that in the design of the program software the evaluation of variant moves was the primary function of the History window.

    The secondary function, using the Manipulate Dialogue Box, to assemble set pieces, is a worthwhile function but not when it overrides and threaten to obliterate the primary function.

    I would like to suggest that even when setting up or playing set pieces then the appearance of the Manipulate Pieces dialogue box should appear only when deliberately invoked (ie only with a right mouse click as was the case formerly) and not unpredictably as it does now in unpredictably accompanying left_mouse click selections of pieces on the board graphic. In other words the dialogue box should be completely dissociated from the left_mouse button.

    The annoyance is that when the dialogue box appears it obscures large areas of the board graphic and takes time and the effort of an accurately placed mouse click (the click box is tiny) to turn it off.

    This upredictable and annoying appearance differs in frequency from session to session and has only presented in the last couple of months.

    B. Another annoying idiosyncracy which has appeared in the window accessed from the Game History button of the Main Board in the last 6 months is this:

    Previously, in the Game History window the function of the right hand most arrow on top of the Game history scroll panel was to retrieve the current move position of the pieces on the board.

    Left_mouse_clicking this button had two effects:

    a. It caused the scrolling panel highlight to move to the most recent move in the move history sequence and placed it at the bottom of the scrolling panel.
    b. At the same time the arrangement of pieces on the board graphic made by the operator in the course of evaluating future moves, viewing past move configurations or assembling set piece plays was returned to the current move configuration of the pieces on the board.

    Function a. still exists but function b. has been lost.

    Now, for example, if a move or a number of moves have been made on the board graphic from the current move configuration (or from any one of the move positions in the game history) the only way to retrieve the current board configuration is by:
    1. left_mouse _clicking the righthandmost left_pointing arrow (which gives the latest move configuration less one)
    2. and then left_mouse_clicking the rightmost right_pointing button.

    As mentioned above, previously only Step 2. was required. Now both steps are required.

    Is it possible to return the full function of the right hand most button?
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