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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 10 Sep '06 13:16

    Not sure whether this has been suggested but I think it would be good to have another field that shows a players highest ever rating. Thoughts?


  2. 10 Sep '06 14:42
    A nice idea. It would give more insight on what to expect from the opponent.
  3. 10 Sep '06 15:07
    Definitely and how about lowest ever rating as well?
  4. 10 Sep '06 16:47
    Let me further suggest that the the higest (or lowest) rating should not include the ratings of the first 20 games because theese ratings are only provisional and often highly erratic such as very high or very low.
  5. Standard member Icky Ike
    10 Sep '06 17:01
    It would be nice to see a player's highest rating and maybe their lowest rating once they become nonprovisional...