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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 29 Sep '04 17:38
    it has been said that the fourms are the life-blood of RHP; but many of us dont have time to keep up on everything that is happining. it is a bit of a bother to gome in to the fourm and find everybody up in arms about something you werent there for.

    thus i propose that one of the admins or somebody starts a news page. in short an exclusive fourm that only they can poast in in which they could write about everything (of note) that happens in the fourms. it really only need updating once a week at most.
  2. 02 Oct '04 20:24
    after skimming this fourm, and realising just how little of a clue i have as to what's going on, i have to again insist that this is a good and important idea.