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    the Devil himself
    11 Apr '09
    29 Sep '12 01:013 edits
    .. a brief explanation.

    Either a self-composed explanation or a "quickpick" of some 8-10 choices of the most common reasons for thumbs down.
    Off the top of my head I could go something like -
    1. Generally don't like it.
    2. Depressing.
    3. This poster is just fanning the flame for no good reason.
    4. (Alledged )Lying
    5 Poor Taste.
    6. Sexist,Racist or Ageist
    7. Wrong Forum
    8. Personal Reasons that I only want to pm you about.
    9. Personal Reasons that I don't want to pm anyone or have anyone pm me ,ever, and even the slightest oversight of this rule or even my own bent interpretation it shall result in an instant complaint to the mods.
    10. Why??? (as is : "Why would you post that?" )

    Ok, so there is my list which I would probably revise in a week or so.

    As to what the actual list would be, in all honesty ,I don't care. It could be completely oxymoronic to my list. That's finey-iney with me.

    I just don't like the complete, 100% anonymity afforded to all, (subs and non-subs alike) , who thumb down informative and at times hysterical posts which kinda puts a small little bit of doubt onto a post you were really digging and even at times felt as if they were talking directly to you, in an intimate way at times. Now , wouldn't it be nice just to "get a whiff" of where that (down)thumb was coming from so as to let the RHP magic shine on you crazy dia .....ummmm, ooops.

    So, in short. Explain thumbs down, briefly and concisely as possible
    Charlie - out dogs.