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  1. 31 Dec '12 14:58
    Dr Tom G Stevens is Psychologist/Professor Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach. May I share a link to his book he offers free (if you are a pdf reader). If its on your wavelength it could provoke some inner explorations.
    Don't be fooled by the title - it is a well-grounded view he shares, based on research, reason and reality - well, I found anyway.

    I wish a Happy New Year to all.
  2. 01 Jan '13 10:51
    I normally don't like "Happiness" books, perhaps because they are often too removed from the heavy stressors and pains that people can face and being "happy" doesn't seem to be the final point or the most fulfilling. This book does try to acknowledge that.

    I wondered if a better goal is "harmony", meaning learning to accept, flow, either avoiding or enjoying or improving to bring greater harmony within ourselves, between ourselves and others, and in taking the sweet and sometimes bashing music of life and trying to make a sort of harmony out of it, that we offer back to life.

    The below site has another contrasting viewpoint on "happiness" too

    "Happiness is not the purpose of life"
  3. 14 Jan '13 12:27
    So much for happiness!
  4. 14 Jan '13 13:21
    Sometimes, like the carp, we must know when to go it alone.
  5. 15 Jan '13 05:10
    Originally posted by Rank outsider
    Sometimes, like the carp, we must know when to go it alone.
    It's a good bit of writing, for reflection. I would have thought some may have it helpful. They didn't, or just want to 'go it alone'. C'est la vie! Anyway thought I'd bump it if anyone missed it. Its a free pdf book. Happy on.