1. Melbourne, Australia
    24 May '10
    30 Nov '11 01:391 edit
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    07 Mar '09
    30 Nov '11 06:09
    Skidded, like champagne without a lid
    Is that all there is?
    Theories... a little bit of fizz
  3. Melbourne, Australia
    24 May '10
    30 Nov '11 12:40
    Mmmm, sounds a bit like a theory about theories. Nevertheless, imagery is a helpful means to inner explorations on the path of awareness..

    'Tied to the post
    waiting to be shot.
    Who cares how fast
    the speeding bullet fizzes,
    but the killing,
    - especially right now,
    now, that's another story.'
  4. Hmmm . . .
    19 Jan '04
    01 Dec '11 03:45
    What a roundabout round, ‘round which
    we travel, travail, turn and turn
    in search of that with which we search,
    round and round, turn on turn…
  5. Standard memberkaroly aczel
    the Devil himself
    11 Apr '09
    01 Dec '11 04:29
    Originally posted by vistesd
    What a roundabout round, ‘round which
    we travel, travail, turn and turn
    in search of that with which we search,
    round and round, turn on turn…
    Leaves me dizzy 🙂

    i had another spiritual dream last night. They always come when I least expect them.
    I have a firm belief that one day I will "awaken" in my dreams, as one Zen master did.
    I just have more and more lucid dreams and my "soul/spirit" seems understand it's dharma/journey better when the body is asleep.
    Almost impossible to explain, (I wont even try), but it is not unlike people that talk about their near death experiences. I am in a tunnel and there is a light at the end.
    Any physical concerns that I have in my waking life seem to face me (and seem much greater than in waking life).

    Suddenly I remember why I did all that meditation. All becomes clear. Well clearer anyway.
    Like I said their is no predicting when these dreams will come, but when they do , they rock my world.
    I've been quite "reflective" all day. It's easy to dismiss and forget dreams, but ,as you would prolly know, any conciousness, whether waking or dreaming, is important/significant.

    (How the hell do you spell "conciousness"? - my spell check always pulls me up for it )

    Be good, be good at it.
  6. Melbourne, Australia
    24 May '10
    01 Dec '11 22:411 edit
    Ah, dreams and roundabouts and SHOCKS!
    And primeval conSciousness. Funny how it all comes together sometimes, a synchronicity. You can't make them happen, you have to wait, but then you get the smell in the air and you know one's around so, you do something, say something, anything.

    Sometimes the dreaming is not clear, you remember little of the misty images, but somehow, things just fall into place in your head, right after you wake up, as if that blurry chaos of forms and no forms, SUDDENLY crystallizes like one of those 3D pictures and you see it as clear as day. And Gnosis arises and saves.

    And roundabouts. My grandson likes me to sometimes go all around the roundabout once again, just for fun. Not sure whether I should be doing it but I do it anyway, I have a little boy in me still.

    The article about Kali, etc, worth a read for the images it holds and one person's dreaming through them, the STORY they make of them, the MYTHOS.
    Even the mythos of leader's of all sorts and their stories, from Putin to Obama, from Mother Theresa to Pol Pot, from Buddha to Churchill, from some PNG tribe leader to the Queen of England.

    Kali, Little Red Riding, wolves, Grandmas and Obama, all rolled up into a chaos, a 'fizz'. [BTW Who's the "Fizz?".]

    JUMP into the chaos, if you dare? Believe madly something is there, who knows, you might just find it? Or sit there fizzing.

    &Karoly is a jumper and still jumping! Onya Karoly.

    Chen "The Thunderclap Yi 51.

    "Thunderclap follows thunderclap
    The seeking man is fearful and apprehensive.
    He cultivates his good qualities
    and examines his faults.

    When the thunder comes,
    be on your guard,
    yet smile and talk cheerfully.
    When the thunder terrifies everyone
    within a hundred miles,
    be like the sincere worshipper
    who does not drop the sacred implements."

    [adapted from Sam Reifler's trans.]
  7. Melbourne, Australia
    24 May '10
    04 Dec '11 06:52
    "Our problem is, as Erich Fromm so adequately states,that symbolic language, the language of dreams, 'has been forgotten by modern man. Not when he is asleep but when he is awake'. This 'forgetting' has, I believe, created a profound sense of loss in modern man, in so far more than his ego-conscious self. He is also an imaginative reflective being, and this 'forgetting' has separated him from a source of wisdom...By 'forgetting' the symbolic language, he is disconnected from his own myth, his own plot, his own raison d'etre and is thus vulnerable to living out other's pre-formed, stereotyped and pre-packaged myths and plots...

    ...symptoms that point towards a deeper and more pervasive disease in our present society. This I see as the disease of literality....

    'Literalism is sickness, Whenever we are caught in a literal view, a literal belief, a literal statement, we have lost the imaginative metaphorical perspective to ourselves and our world' [James Hillman] "

    Selections from "Dreams and The Search for Meaning", Peter O'Connor pp. 4-9

    When you are stuck, JUMP, 'ave a go', do something different, think something different, IMAGINE!
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