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  1. 13 Oct '06 00:06
    I believe in all religions. Yes I have found a way for myself to believe in them all. I simply dismiss any religions text that only their religion is true. I believe that what ever religion you believe in you go to whatever heaven/hell your it dictates. I myself prefer Bhudissim and its concepts of reincarnation and strivng to better yourself until you become perfect and reach Nirvana.

    I also believe in my infinite existance theory I came up with when I was ten years old.

    If there is a infinite amount of chance then there must be an infinite amount of universes to show every outcome for any chance. This can change universes dramitacally to almost nothing. A galxy missing to a single atom. theres more to this but this is just the bones of it.

    I've had religous, philosophical, theological thoughts since I was very youg and was raised in the right enviorment to keep me open minded. That enviorment being basicaly cut off from the majority of society.

    I was raised against being prejuidice against anyone and so this helped further my mind even more by keeping all my mind from subcoming to christianity the most common and politicaly invlovled religion. Aslo one of the most prejuidice.

    Judge me if you wish but we don't care.

    Bluechords how do you make a private forum? So we can chat furthter indepth.
  2. 13 Oct '06 13:02
    At this point I can't make a private forum on rhp. I have to renew my subscription before I can make one. That'll be soon, just gotta write a check and send it across the pond....any "clan" can have a private forum.

    Myself, I was raised in a Christian home. My father is a retired Non-Denominational minister. I went "my own way" when I was 17, only to be brought back into the fold at the age of 28. I stayed their for 10 years before I finally walked away. It served it's purpose....

    Did I have a real "conversion" at age 28? Yes, the whole born again expirience. Deeper than anyone can even imagine. If I was to tell my "testimony" here nobody would believe me. So I keep silent about it...sorta.

    So I could say from a Christian Fundamintalist view, I'm an apostate. One of them people who were "once enlightend"...

    But then again, all things are relative.....and one man's ceiling is another man's floor...
  3. 13 Oct '06 19:13
    Good, then I may put a little bit more detailed information lest dangerous eyes find me.

    I myself am 15 but this is of little relevance to how long my memrories and knowledge go back.

    Do you yourself still practice the christian faith, or something else...

    Oh yes, I have yet to get this out of the way. I HATE GOD! I love his son, but the father is evil behind that mask of light.
  4. 13 Oct '06 20:37
    Ohhh hate is such a strong word....the only thing a person should hate is "hate". No I can't say I practice Christianity, in the sense most christians would. But what is the true meaning of christianity? The opposite of hate. I have "anger issues" so I ain't a good example of "love" either. lol I'm workin' on it...
  5. 13 Oct '06 20:56
    Okayn maybe not exactly hate but... You get the picture. I have an extremely stong dilike for him.
  6. 13 Oct '06 21:06 / 1 edit
    I know what you mean. Myself, I believe in time people's concept of God must change in order for us to reach the next level of human civilization. To step from a type 0 to a type 1 civilization. Which according to Dr. Kaku could and should happen within the next 100 years or so. We're gettin' close! But something has to happen to change human nature first. Whether it be "god" comming back, or aliens finally sayin', hey! Wake up! You ain't the center of the universe! It'll take something bigger than ourselves to change human nature. As a whole that is.
  7. 13 Oct '06 21:32
    We'll christ happens to be coming back in nine years more than likely.
  8. Donation Pawnokeyhole
    Krackpot Kibitzer
    15 Oct '06 10:27
    Originally posted by Dracos Chikou
    We'll christ happens to be coming back in nine years more than likely.
    Can I make a bet with you that he will be delayed?

    Name your price.
  9. 15 Oct '06 18:57
    Originally posted by Pawnokeyhole
    Can I make a bet with you that he will be delayed?

    Name your price.
    What mortaly would be worth betting. If I'm right then it would not matter. Then there's only one thing left , the soul. This I would have no one bet or sell. So there is no bet possible but if you wish in mock jest you name it and if I'm wrong then he has been delayed and something has gone seriously wrong.