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    24 Sep '10
    29 Sep '10 22:10
    Ok, you tell me how I am being rude or cruel to you as to TRY to express you all NEED what ~Love~ is?

    When you are with friends around you, the feeling it is of a comfort zone, it is a great experience, right, and why one has friends..

    Love is all that matters, and this bickering you all so love to do, or should I say your conditioned lust to, is very sad, and I care so very much that you brake this, forgive me, but *I am* who *I am*, and only desire WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU, and you are trashing my replies, and I am very defensive for you!
  2. Standard memberDasa
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    20 May '10
    01 Oct '10 09:44
    At the risk of being banded together with the likes of Taco, I will make a comment. (its not a conspiricy)

    If anyone were to explore Tacos post, word for word, and with an open understanding mind, then there is wit and wisdom to be found,....but having said that, I think the fact that Taco with his odd style and wirl-wind approach has ruffled everyones feathers.
  3. Standard memberkaroly aczel
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    11 Apr '09
    01 Oct '10 09:58
    I dont think the people you want to talk to you are going to.