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  1. 20 Jul '12 22:35
    Fraught with thought,
    reading, building
    that final summing phrase,
    the sum of all life's days,
    years lost in a frown.

    Then, one careless day
    so deep was he
    he did not
    mind his way.
    That single pole
    hard hit his head -
    he lay as if
    quite dead.
    But worse than dead,
    coming to -
    he'd forgotten

    A stunned stare
    from a dead man
    bolt upright!

    at last,
    he saw...he saw!
  2. Subscriber karoly aczel
    Sparkin wendys
    20 Jul '12 23:36
    Thats quite a sweet poem.

    just like a solitary mushroom that awaits all who seek it