1. Standard memberkaroly aczel
    the Devil himself
    11 Apr '09
    25 Apr '10 17:56
    Gaslight Radio. A band I helped start.
    The back sleeve of the "a collection of tracks from the back catalogue"-
    "Its there in all the great bands,the ones which create something origonal, something that endures. Its the struggle, and not just the endless miles of broken strings and sleeping on floors. Thats the fun part. There is the hunger in your head to get this sound out and heard, the never-ending battle against compromise,the fight, as Shakespeare put it for Polonius in Hamlet, to thine own self to be true. Thats the crucible that forges the greatness.
    A certain breed of Australian bands know all about this. Its something to do with the heat and the light , the vast distances and the difficulties faced by those who refuse , or cannot, conform to preconceptions of what Australian bands should sound like. Among them The Saints, The Triffids, The Go-Betweens. And Gaslight Radio."...oh crap..it just goes on like this for another few paragraphs.
  2. Standard memberavalanchethecat
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    09 Apr '10
    25 Apr '10 18:02
    I have always considered music to be one of the best arguments for a spiritual facet to life.