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  1. 11 Oct '11 19:45 / 1 edit
  2. Standard member RJHinds
    The Near Genius
    12 Oct '11 06:04
    Originally posted by tomtom232
    A message from satan.
  3. Subscriber karoly aczel
    Romans' yesman
    12 Oct '11 06:23
    Originally posted by RJHinds
    A message from satan.
    Satan is not such a bad guy . You gotta love the guy
  4. 14 Oct '11 21:56 / 3 edits
    You must not understand what he is saying... it is all true.

    The God of the Bible is the Lord of the handouts. If I live an evil life but repent before death I will go to heaven. If I live a good life but never repent I will go to hell. In other words,

    Eternal illusion and noone can see.

    Refuse to bow down, refuse to bleed.

    Edit: However, Zach Wylde blesses his croud with holy water before every show and thus he probably believes in God just not as man wrote about him.