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  1. Standard member mr carlsberg
    probally the best
    03 Oct '10 22:53
    how much longer can this charade at liverpool go on for? who is really to blame... the board/hodgson/ or the players? surely they all play their part, but for how much longer does this go on for before some radical changes are made
  2. 04 Oct '10 01:15
    Truly shocking. The situation is so bizarre that it is difficult to say which part is the biggest problem. At the end of the day though, losing to Anfield? I say that rests on the shoulders of Hodgson. Not that everything is his fault by any means...The problem with the club's financial situation and lack of squad strength lies at the feet of the owners of course. But losing to Blackpool? That is Hodgson's responsibility.
  3. 11 Oct '10 16:48
    Mr Hand you complete and utter twat of the highest order.
    What the **** do you know about Blackpool FC?
    We are 9th in the premier league by merit.
    We play excellent attacking football and the players work so hard for each other on the pitch.
    The team spirit is second to none and thoroughly deserved our win.

    We have played 7 games this season, 5 of them away.

    Wigan 0 Blackpool 4 and Newcastle 0 Blackpool 2 suggests we are an excellent team. Only twice on our travels have we lost, but Chelsea and Arsenal are the best 2 teams in England, so no shame there.

    So get your facts right before sla****g off my towns football team, stick to glory supporting. You know nothing about football.

    Finally Blackpool's away support is officially voted the best and noisiest in the premier league. We sell out every away game taking large numbers all over the country.