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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member Ramned
    The Rams
    06 Jan '07 19:59
    (i.e Mini Banded, Grouped Random, Knockout, Grand Split, etc.)

    I say the Grouped Random is the best. Has a good range (ex. 1400-1550) and can hold alot of people. Maybe increase max entrants to 128.
  2. 06 Jan '07 23:57
    I prefer the duels (unbanded) so I can play two good games against higher opposition to learn more about the game 🙂
  3. 08 Jan '07 12:07
    Any tournament that I win..........Just the one then!
  4. 09 Jan '07 19:50
    I personally prefer duels (unbanded are best) or unbanded groups of 3-6.
  5. Standard member Snowman606
    Playing badly
    09 Jan '07 19:56
    As I've just won one (and unlikely to win another), I'd have to say Mini Banded