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Chess Club Directory


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  • Minnesota Chess Players

    A club for chess players in Minnesota!
    Admin Subscriber swandog
    Members 3
    Tournaments 0
    Formed 08 Jun '18 03:41

Members Required


    Admin Standard member BISHOP1954
    Members 9
    Tournaments 0
    Formed 30 Aug '08 02:48

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Club Ratings

All club members have an additional rating - their club rating. Any rated game completed against another member of the same club will change your club rating. Your club ratings are in addition to your site rating.

Joining a Club

Do not hesitate to request membership to a club if you would like to participate - your normal Red Hot Pawn experience will remain unaffected.

Both subs and non-subs can join a club.

Club membership is only limited by the club administrator who accepts or declines club membership requests.

Creating a Club

Although anyone can join a club, only subscribers can create one. If you do create a club, please remember that only clubs with at least 10 members will have an active club rating.