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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber lbthree1540White to move14 Dec '17 04:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bart Kortum1481Subscriber cenerentola2577Black to move14 Dec '17 03:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber Kratic1654Black to move14 Dec '17 03:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber Ghengis80862342Black to move14 Dec '17 03:18InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber rizzers1936Black to move14 Dec '17 03:18InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber QUAGMYR2243Black to move14 Dec '17 03:02InfoIn progress
Subscriber QUAGMYR2243Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 03:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber ouroboros1558Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 03:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber ouroboros1558Black to move14 Dec '17 02:59InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber bvinci On Vacation2324Black to move14 Dec '17 02:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Standard member WackyWeasel1957Black to move14 Dec '17 02:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber Landslake1383Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 02:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber Landslake1383Black to move14 Dec '17 02:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber texasnurse1288Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 02:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber texasnurse1288Black to move14 Dec '17 02:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber RikWb1464Black to move14 Dec '17 02:48InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber snjortp1390Black to move14 Dec '17 02:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber snjortp1390Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 02:46InfoIn progress
Subscriber alastair nicoll1549Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 02:45InfoIn progress
Subscriber FourHorsemen1758Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 02:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber FourHorsemen1758Black to move14 Dec '17 02:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber MarcusRemius2559Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 02:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber Bob Kramer1717Black to move14 Dec '17 02:28InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Standard member nuttywalt2388Black to move14 Dec '17 02:27InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber kinggg21852Black to move14 Dec '17 02:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber Ghengis80862342Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 02:21InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber 7copeland2272Black to move14 Dec '17 02:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bob Kramer1717Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 02:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber Knights Watch1645Subscriber cenerentola2577White to move14 Dec '17 02:17InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2577Subscriber Knights Watch1645Black to move14 Dec '17 02:16InfoIn progress
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