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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Standard member endrit1370Subscriber leen68online1489White to move20 Jan '18 01:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Standard member Matheiy003online1366Black to move20 Jan '18 01:19InfoIn progress
Standard member Matheiy003online1366Subscriber leen68online1489White to move20 Jan '18 01:18InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Standard member Juan Uys1403Black to move19 Jan '18 23:38InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Subscriber swandog1443Black to move19 Jan '18 22:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Standard member ez2plez1382Black to move19 Jan '18 22:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Standard member Heinimann1496Black to move19 Jan '18 22:17InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Subscriber Bassman571470Black to move19 Jan '18 21:34InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member Parmenion1531Subscriber leen68online1489White to move19 Jan '18 20:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Standard member troska1259Black to move19 Jan '18 20:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber Redshoes1381Subscriber leen68online1489White to move19 Jan '18 18:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Subscriber Kanap1547Black to move18 Jan '18 23:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Standard member Bapi81451Black to move18 Jan '18 23:00InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber leen68online1489Subscriber scrappie1883White to move18 Jan '18 21:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber leen68online1489Subscriber dgja04nb1357Black to move18 Jan '18 07:46InfoIn progress
Subscriber canmann1413Subscriber leen68online1489White to move18 Jan '18 07:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber gothcharles1562Subscriber leen68online1489White to move17 Jan '18 23:43InfoIn progress
Standard member TripleD1540Subscriber leen68online1489White to move17 Jan '18 18:20InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber leen68online1489Standard member Robin Johnson1480White to move16 Jan '18 22:48InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber rallison1734Subscriber leen68online1489Black to move16 Jan '18 00:59InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member endrit1370Subscriber leen68online1489White to move14 Jan '18 21:13InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member neil6661005Subscriber leen68online1489White to move14 Jan '18 16:06InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member chessdemon81463Subscriber leen68online1489White to move12 Jan '18 21:41InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member endrit1370Subscriber leen68online1489White to move11 Jan '18 20:28InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber leen68online1489Standard member endrit1370White to move11 Jan '18 19:38InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber leen68online1489Subscriber OnyxDog1249Black to move09 Jan '18 16:15InfoTimeout (1-0)
Subscriber dm71317Subscriber leen68online1489White to move08 Jan '18 22:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber inukjuak1472Subscriber leen68online1489White to move07 Jan '18 03:10InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber leen68online1489Standard member isaak gogel1249White to move06 Jan '18 23:16InfoResigned (1-0)
Standard member Sergey Kluzner1360Subscriber leen68online1489Black to move06 Jan '18 21:37InfoResigned (1-0)
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