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  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    09 May '07 10:45 / 1 edit
    An icon has been added to the right of the icon bar, which when clicked accesses the RHP Blitz microsite.

    All blitz games are currently unrated.

    This is currently in beta, and will evolve if it proves popular.

  2. 09 May '07 15:43
    cheers russ, been asking for this for awhile, great feature.
  3. 09 May '07 18:28
    kudos...great added feature Russ.
  4. 09 May '07 20:40
    I love it too, although I'd like a rating for blitz...
  5. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    09 May '07 22:05
    Originally posted by angie88
    I love it too, although I'd like a rating for blitz...
    Me too. I guess this is part of the evolvement, eventually...
  6. 10 May '07 05:40
    I like the availability of a blitz game. Good job bringing it up. I also like the drag and drop concept.

    Wish list: I would like to see a bigger board and to view other games in play.
  7. 10 May '07 05:52

    Add to my wish list: create a new rating category called blitz rating.

    To be followed by some blitz tournament later as demand increase.
  8. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    10 May '07 09:11
    This will all happen. uChess already has ratings, and I have just re-used the uChess code, so this isn't a huge modification to what we have. Viewing games in progress is a different kettle of fish though and will require significant re-engineering. Not a problem, the code needs it anyway, but it will take some time particularly as there are other priorities at the moment.

  9. 10 May '07 16:25
    Great! As the saying goes, no russ(h). Good job with the blitz feature.
    I played a game last night. It was hella fun. I also like the auto timer. One thing less to worry about during a game.
  10. 10 May '07 16:36
    A little clunky compared to the polish of playchess and certain FICS modules (Babas) but nice feature nonetheless. The fact that it runs in the browser is a bonus.
  11. 11 May '07 01:00
    Yea, a bigger board would help alot and of course blitz ratings. My blitz is so poor i hate to see my rhp rating next to my name at a blitz site. Also, i didn't even notice a new blitz site had gone up until someone mentioned it in forum. If Russ wants it to be popular he needs something bigger/flashier on RHP page. Just some thoughts.
  12. Standard member rotk
    Orc slayer
    11 May '07 02:52
    being able to chat outside of games would be nice too. GREAT FEATURE!
  13. Standard member Ichibanov
    King of slow
    12 May '07 05:52
    I second the "Chat outside game" feature request. Although, I can see how it might turn RHP into a chat room, I think it could at least be made a subscriber only feature or something.

    That and the ability to challenge other players directly rather than just offering game to the crowd.
  14. 12 May '07 10:45
    This is great! instead of hitting the refresh button, people can play blitz just a suggestion but a seperate blitz rating would probably be a good idea when the games become rated...
  15. 12 May '07 18:38
    I am such a person who likes to use my 19" monitor.. but what I get right now is a small icon-sized board. Would it be possible to enlarge it (alot)? Bigger is better.