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  1. SubscriberEarl of Trumps
    Pawn Whisperer
    My Kingdom fora Pawn
    09 Jan '19
    07 Feb '21 00:421 edit
    @duchess64 said
    No1Marauder replied to Kevcvs57

    I would add that I don't expect that a secretary had much, if any, direct contact with the prisoners.

    Let's consider an American prison where it's proven that guards routinely sexually abused prisoners.
    Should a secretary who worked there be held criminally responsible too?
    cogent example.

    Harvey Weinstein's secretary... does she get tossed into prison *and* sued for $$Millions?

    It's not difficult to come up with examples that illustrate the ridiculousness to the charges at hand and who they fall on.
    Whaaa,,, a scared, intimidated female minor?

  2. SubscriberEarl of Trumps
    Pawn Whisperer
    My Kingdom fora Pawn
    09 Jan '19
    07 Feb '21 00:56
    @no1marauder - Apparently you believe that there are no or few neo-Nazis operating in Germany and that any harassment of Jews or other minorities is done overwhelmingly by "Muslim extremists".

    I think a lot of Americans think that since America has higher crime figures *in general* than Europe, that their rate of antisemitic attacks would be lower in Germany or anywhere Euro.

    But some time ago, I was doing a little research on crime statistics and was actually surprised to find out that there are more antisemitic acts of violence in European nations than in the US.

    And no, the number if muslim extremists in Germany is low in comparison to the number of Neo Nazi natives.

    Scary shiite over there
  3. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    12 Feb '21 18:182 edits
    Hitler employed four women as his personal secretaries during the Second World War.
    Contrary to ignorant stereotypes, he selected almost all of them for their
    exceptional professional skills rather than being fanatical Nazis.
    While none of them were anti-Nazi, they were somewhat diverse German women.

    Johanna Wolf (the oldest secretary) was the only fanatical Nazi.
    She had joined the NSDAP early. Suffering from health problems, she did not work
    as much during the war. Hitler apparently keep her on as a gesture of loyalty.

    Christa Schroeder was briefly a member of the NSDAP, assuming it was required
    for her job, and quit the NSDAP when she discovered that she could keep her job.
    At one time, she asked for Hitler's permission to marry a Yugoslav diplomat.
    She was known for being outspoken at times in criticizing Hitler's treatment of people,
    which resulted in her being in his disfavor from time to time.

    Gerda Christian (nee Daranowski, a Polish name?) was a native Berlinerin, who never joined the NSDAP.
    She was the only secretary upon whom Hitler apparently had a crush.
    Reportedly, Hitler talked about 'Dara' (his nickname for her) so enthusiastically
    that it made Eva Braun jealous. Gerda Christian was disliked by Christa Schroeder,
    who accused her of stealing credit for her work, but liked by Traudl Junge.

    Traudl Junge (nee Humps), from Munich, was the most famous of Hitler's secretaries,
    on account of her memoirs and many interviews. She never joined the NSDAP.
    After the war, she became fairly critical of Hitler. She apparently resented people
    attempting to put much of the blame for Hitler's crimes upon her.
  4. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    20 Feb '21 20:26
    @duchess64 said
    Can Shavixmir cite any evidence that this elderly former secretary has been propagating neo-Nazi opinions?
    That could be illegal in Germany.

    Does Shavixmir believe that every person who once worked for the Nazis must be (even 75+ years later) a neo-Nazi?

    In reality, many, if not most, Germans who belonged to the NSDAP later changed their minds.
    We don't know if this ...[text shortened]... conscripted to work as concentration camp guards.
    It's unclear if Elfriede Rinkel was one of them.

    "US deports 95-year-old former concentration camp guard to Germany
    Friedrich Karl Berger worked at subcamp near Hamburg in 1945
    Germany dropped case against him for lack of evidence"

    "The case was investigated by the US Department of Justice. Berger was ordered
    expelled by a Memphis, Tennessee, court in February 2020 but will not face trial in
    Germany because prosecutors dropped the case against him for lack of evidence."

    "Berger has admitted serving as a guard for a few weeks near the end of the war but
    has said he did not observe any abuse or killings, news agencies have reported.
    Berger admitted he guarded prisoners. He also accompanied prisoners on the
    forced evacuation of the camp that resulted in the deaths of 70 prisoners.
    He had been living in the US since 1959. "
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