1. Standard memberAThousandYoung
    Lieutenant Kev
    23 Aug '04
    04 Jun '23 02:061 edit
    @earl-of-trumps said
    I differ here with the typical libertarian.
    I believe that you can take all the drugs you want if you can show that you can pay your own bills as you get sick.
    Otherwise, it would be very much against the law and punished severely. That explains my stance on regulation of drugs.

    Selling stocks: We are too tight with regulations. Insider information should be usable in determining stock transactions
    I asked about selling drugs, not buying them.

    The idea that drugs should only be legal for rich people is revoltingly classist and your reasoning that poor drug using individuals might eventually cost society because of the risks they take and therefore their behavior should be criminalized is very collectivist.

    Do you recognize that if there is a law that you disapprove of, and someone breaks it, they are still a criminal?
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