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    26 Dec '14
    23 Jul '15 22:52
    This is a very good post. What I am most interested in is the question drewnogal posed: Is there ever a time to just give up?

    When does a person give up on their body? When you realize that you are getting older? That you are no longer young? When do you give up?

    I say never!!!!! You keep working out and stay physically fit until your last breath.
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    29 Dec '08
    24 Jul '15 05:02
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    I blink my eyes like crazy whenever I see my opponent's move.
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    08 Aug '03
    24 Jul '15 07:18
    Originally posted by Ghost of a Duke
    Working in the mental health field, i refer many of my clients to the gym or encourage them to take up a sport etc. There is definitely a link between physical and mental well being.
    It sounds like you're well prepared for this bunch, then. 🙂
  4. SubscriberGhost of a Duke
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    14 Mar '15
    24 Jul '15 10:25
    Originally posted by Suzianne
    It sounds like you're well prepared for this bunch, then. 🙂
    Nothing could have prepared me for RHP.
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    09 Jun '14
    24 Jul '15 11:27
    Originally posted by Ghost of a Duke
    Nothing could have prepared me for RHP.
    yes a group of chimps typing away spewing out drivel.
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    14 Jul '07
    24 Jul '15 12:59
    Originally posted by Ghost of a Duke
    Nothing could have prepared me for RHP.
    GD, methinks thou protests a tad too much.

  7. Standard memberdrewnogal
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    07 Aug '12
    26 Jul '15 18:28

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    15 Jun '10
    26 Jul '15 21:37
    I was a landscape gardener (in England) in a former life which took care of physical fitness. Since moving to Indoland about 12 years ago I sort of stopped being fit. We run a Lodge for scuba divers so I dive quite a bit but that doesn't really count - the idea with scuba diving is not to exert yourself. And and the good lady bought a cross - trainer and one of those walking machines and we work out 'every day'. Okay not every day, sometimes guest - responsibilities and so on prevent this, but anyway it was one of our better decisions. It takes about an hour a day, 40 minutes on the machines of death and the rest to recover and stop perspiring (it's hot in the tropics...). We also more or less at the same time accidentally more or less gave up alcohol, which also helps! I still smoke way to much Golden Virginia tobacco, but I suppose you can't have everything, Anyway, I would advocate the keeping of fitness any day, and I never thought I'd hear myself say that....I also started writing novels (7 so far and still going) but that's probably coincidence, and as for my general mental fitness, let's say the jury is still out; I'm a crap chess player but as I say.....
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    22 Feb '10
    27 Jul '15 02:40
    My family practices Karate. (I am a third-degree black belt.). There is one lady there who is in her eighties, so no. There isn't any age when one has to quit. Individual circumstances always apply.
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