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  1. 03 Apr '07 17:08
    Can you look at these games. I only beat this guy once in 28 games.

    Game 1533537

    This was a close one here

    Game 3342878

    The passed pawn killed me and he had all his pieces in the right spots. His opening gives me trouble, I tried to control the center, but lost it.

    I guess he's playing some variation of the English and I can't handle it.

  2. 03 Apr '07 17:16
    Originally posted by veager
    Can you look at these games. I only beat this guy once in 28 games.

    Game 1533537
    Move 5. Nd4 and you're already in trouble. You don't see elementary threats. Also 1. Nf3 is not the english, I believe it's the reti, but it could also be a King's indian attack depending on how he plays it... In short, I'm not positive of the name for it but the english is 1. c4.
  3. 03 Apr '07 17:20
    Wow man, you really played that guy a lot.
    Why actually? Doesn't this kill your rating?
    it's remarkable how long it takes before he attacks and I think that might be his weakness. He plays some kind of Indian defense whilst he is white, which might cost him the advantage of beginning...
  4. 03 Apr '07 17:23
    Hes a friend and I only lose a few rating points. So, maybe I should be more offensive instead of waiting for the onsluaght.
  5. Standard member Mathurine
    03 Apr '07 17:24
    Zebano is right; it is the Richard Reti opening.

    Your opponent is quite a wily player; I've looked at some of his games.

    Two particularly neat finishes, I thought, were:

    Game 3342878


    Game 3298506

    None of which answers your question, of course...

    You seem to be doing OK generally, though, so just keep at it!

    Best wishes...

    M xxx
  6. Donation ketchuplover
    03 Apr '07 19:27
    Mind the fianchettoed bishop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 03 Apr '07 19:39
    Originally posted by ketchuplover
    Mind the fianchettoed bishop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Which one? he does both
  8. 04 Apr '07 09:20
    I believe it is the King's Indian attack or Barcza opening