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  1. 05 Sep '10 19:45
    how close are they? if i was 1650 on FICS what would that most likely be equivalent to in USCF?
  2. 05 Sep '10 20:03
    Originally posted by airborne143rd
    how close are they? if i was 1650 on FICS what would that most likely be equivalent to in USCF?
    At FICS there is a difference in ratings. Are you talking 10 minute blitz games? 20 minute standard games? 5 minute blitz games?

    Different types of games have different pools of players.
  3. 05 Sep '10 20:24
    standard time. im trying to get sn idea of where i will be when i start OTB again soon.
  4. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    05 Sep '10 20:41
    Of course it depends, but from what I've seen on fics, a 1650 standard would probably translate to 1400 USCF +/- 200 points. However, that's VERY roughly estimated.
  5. 05 Sep '10 20:44
    Originally posted by airborne143rd
    standard time. im trying to get sn idea of where i will be when i start OTB again soon.
    When you do get your rating let the rest of us know. I've never played OTB, so it would be interesting to see. I'm roughly the same rating as you at FICS.
  6. 05 Sep '10 21:04
    i played 3 tournaments my first year playing chess which was from 05-06 and that gave me a provisional rating of 1525. however, i just started playing again 5 weeks ago and im playing better online than i ever did 4years ago. i might just have to find out the hard way. the 1st otb tourney i plan on playing in is the US class championships in houston. ill post how it goes for sure.

    i think its higher than 1400 though..ive never lost to anyone less than 1500 in tournament play before. i have on here but thats because i had a4yr break from playing and was rusty..
  7. 06 Sep '10 14:52
    ....just as an aside...what about RHP ratings..are they similar to usfc ratings?
  8. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    06 Sep '10 15:27
    Pretty much no correlation whatsoever
  9. Subscriber joesheppe
    Lesser Poobah
    09 Sep '10 04:36
    No correlation? Nah, there's some. And from what I've seen, your RHP rating will be something like 100 to 200 points higher than than your USCF rating, depending on how much you use opening theory in your RHP games. You obviously can't do that OTB. USCF ratings have gone down - not up since the 1990s. It's a little shocking and humbling. You can be 1800 here, and then get thrashed by a 1600+ rated player OTB within the U.S.
    So fair warning!

    I just played a USCF Master, friend of mine, over the Labor Day weekend. We were playing blitz at 5 to 1 or 6 to 2 time odds. Out of six games, I won just one - on time. Some ended very early. I have a 1900 rating here. OTB, master means master. I must add, though, that his Fide rating would be under 2200!
  10. Standard member randolph
    the walrus
    09 Sep '10 05:12
    I don't think using theory on here impacts your rating as much as the time you are actually thinking about the game per move.
  11. Standard member thesonofsaul
    King of the Ashes
    09 Sep '10 14:21
    Just some #'s to help this thought along.

    My ratings:

    Here: 1747
    USCF: 1744
    FICS blitz: 1319 (best reached 1403)
    FICS standard: 1729

    I have to assume that the apparent correlation in some of my ratings is just a fluke.
  12. Standard member nimzo5
    09 Sep '10 14:49
    If you don't use openings references or the analysis board and have good time managment skills then you will find OTB to be a pretty easy transition.

    I am 1957 fide and tend to find that the main difference between otb and rhp (and other sites) is that people tend to play "book" openings here and in OTB you will see a lot more mediocre stuff that people play to avoid a memory test.

    When I go to long playing only CC I find I get in horrible time trouble from trying to play precise chess instead of limiting myself to the best move in say 1 to 2 minutes of thinking. I lost a key game against a 2200 rising star because I used too much time playing precisely in a winning position and then got flagged in the endgame..

    The hardest thing for OTB players coming to CC is
    1) their openings don't cut it
    2) the level of their analysis move to move is too shallow.

    but that is a much easier adjustment.
  13. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    09 Sep '10 15:04
    Originally posted by joesheppe
    No correlation? Nah, there's some.
    the range is +-500 pts and more.
  14. 09 Sep '10 23:01 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by wormwood
    the range is +-500 pts and more.
    Your wrong. Do you play online and in real tournaments?
    1650 on FICS(long games, no blitz) is about 1500 USCF. (Major tournaments, not club play) I'd give the 1500 USCF a + - of 100 points.

    + - 500 LMAO
  15. 09 Sep '10 23:23 / 2 edits
    Still laughing.
    I can't wait to see a 2200 USCF Master who plays FICS at the 1700 level and a 1200 USCF patzer who plays FICS at the 1700 level. Wormwood has to be joking.
    I can't imagine redhotpawn ratings to be so wrong that they are + - 500!!