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Only Chess Forum

  1. Standard member bill718
    13 Aug '08 08:05
    I'm in a light hearted mood tonight. So here is a fun one:
    How would you describe chess? I would label it:

    "A really interesting, sadistic little game"

    Would any other lables fit? )
  2. Standard member Dragon Fire
    Lord of all beasts
    13 Aug '08 08:09
    Chess is war!
  3. 13 Aug '08 08:44
    it's an art
  4. 13 Aug '08 08:50
    It's a duel of brains.
  5. 13 Aug '08 09:43 / 1 edit
    Simple, yet infinately complicated
  6. 13 Aug '08 10:18
    By it's rules.
  7. 13 Aug '08 10:30
    interesting, addictive and too easy to make a blunder..

  8. Standard member JonathanB of London
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    13 Aug '08 11:41 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Mephisto2
    By it's rules.
    ah but punctuation has rules too ... and your sentence is still understandable despite breaking them ... so perhaps chess can't be defined by rules after all?

    anyhoo chess is a game I think. It's about winning and losing.

    Follow the link above for a bunch of quotes from better known people than myself
  9. 13 Aug '08 16:23 / 1 edit
    it should be art. I cannot put it in any other category.
  10. 13 Aug '08 17:35
    Originally posted by diskamyl
    it should be art. I cannot put it in any other category.
    I think it's an art, science and sport.
  11. Standard member black beetle
    Black Beastie
    13 Aug '08 20:23
    The Royal Game! You face a War you may win if your Techniques become an Art
  12. 13 Aug '08 20:55
    Chess; noun-
    "a game played by two persons, each with 16 pieces, on a chessboard"
  13. 13 Aug '08 22:31
  14. 13 Aug '08 22:37
    Great fun, brilliant and merciless. More complicated than I could ever imagine.
  15. Standard member ivan2908
    13 Aug '08 22:40 / 2 edits
    Heh. It's synthesis of various disciplines.
    Art + intellect + sport + game + geometry + bla + bla + bla = chess.

    Therefore I came with the conclusion = I would define chess as chess. It is art but it is not music, it's not painting nor monumental architectal masterpiece, it is not literar masterpiece, it is not movie, it is not sculpture. It's CHESS !!

    Chess, chess, chess, of chess, too much of chess I can not stand that much of chess anymore, please, a little break. Chess chess chess