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  1. 18 Jun '11 17:56
    Morning all,

    I'm very new to the game of chess. I know how the pieces move, and I've played a few games with my brother (who is just as new as I am), but besides that, it's all quite foreign.

    I want to learn the game so I become an intellectual. (Half joking here.)

    Could anyone give me some basic pointers? They would be much appreciated!

  2. 18 Jun '11 18:10
    very new to chess?
  3. 18 Jun '11 18:13
    I'd say about a 7 on a scale of one to new.
  4. Standard member atticus2
    Frustrate the Bad
    18 Jun '11 19:30
    I'd say you're not new to chess. I'd say you're a brazen liar, or a juksende drittsekk. You see, I've just played through your games. Evidence is everything. Sorry, schmuck
  5. 18 Jun '11 19:48
    Originally posted by Savielly

    I want to learn the game so I become an intellectual. (Half joking here.)
    Read these forums for a little while and you will definitely stop believing that chess is the game of the intellectual 😉
  6. 18 Jun '11 23:20 / 1 edit
    Well, with the help of Google Translate, I can see that you called me a huijaaminen kusipää. Why?

    I consider myself a very poor chess player and a beginner. I asked for help. You insulted me.
  7. 18 Jun '11 23:28
    Presumably because your games indicate that you are far from a beginner. Either:

    1) You are pretending not to know anything about chess or
    2) You don't know anything about chess and are getting help with the moves in your games.

    Its not really believable that someone who has just played a few games with his brother can play so strongly.
  8. 18 Jun '11 23:30 / 1 edit
    He called you a liar OR a juksende drittsekk. He didn't specify which one because he can't be sure about that. I totally back Atticus on this one, because you don't play your games like a person that only played a few games with his brother would do.
  9. 18 Jun '11 23:32
    Seriously? Have you looked at my games?
    Every single game I've complete on here has been decided by a one move blunder; by my opponents leaving a piece en prise. My ability to spot ungaurded pieces doesn't exactly qualify me as a good player. And as to my getting help with my games, what do you mean? If you are insinuating that I'm using a chess computer, then you most certainly have not looked at my games.
  10. 18 Jun '11 23:46
    Well in this game: Game 8504540

    You played a Danish Gambit. Are we expected to believe you came up with this on your own?

    And in this one: Game 8504614

    You play a Slav.

    In the rest of your games your opponent deviates from theory first.

    How dumb do you think we are?
  11. 18 Jun '11 23:50 / 1 edit
    You seem to think that a beginner would be unable to use any one of the many opening databases available online. I followed them as far as they went, which was only a few moves in those games.

    I'm not saying I'm a little kid who wants to know how the knight moves, I'm saying I suck at chess and want to get better.

    And it doesn't speak well for this site when a new member is attacked by for being "too good."
  12. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    18 Jun '11 23:56
    And a Danish Gambit was the first opening a DB recommended?
  13. 19 Jun '11 00:00
    You want to know where that opening came from?
    I didn't know what to play, so I googled "tricky chess gambits" or something like that. I found a youtube video on the Danish Gambit.

  14. 19 Jun '11 00:00
    This is the game I spent the most time looking at:

    Game 8504614

    What's most interesting is the combination that begins on move 19 (19 ... Bxe5). My copy of Rybka assures me that this isn't an awesome move (white should just play 19 ... Bxe5 20 dxe5 Nxe5 21 Ba3), but I supsect most people on this site wouldn't even have considered it.

    And the whole opening shows a pretty good understanding of this kind of set up (especially getting in the f5 idea).


    1) absolutely no self confidence and are better than you think you are
    2) you playing mind games with us
    3) you're getting help (note that this game doesn't show signs of computer help)

    Regardless, its not credible that you've just played a few games with your brother
  15. 19 Jun '11 00:04
    Originally posted by Savielly
    ...And it doesn't speak well for this site when a new member is attacked by for being "too good."
    Its your forum post that's the problem, not the level of your play.

    The trouble is, we get a lot of players who seem not to know too much about chess that beat everyone on the site. They almost all turn up as cheating at some point (note - I'm not accusing you of this, just trying to explain why we're sensitive to folks whose play doesn't seem to match what they say).