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  1. 05 May '06 13:09
  2. 05 May '06 13:09
    who plays this opening and what do you usually do for the next few moves? and what is your success with it
  3. 05 May '06 16:05
    I used to play a lot, but it was little boring opening. I still sometimes play Scotch Gambit in blitz games...
  4. 05 May '06 16:34
    Akizy (top rated player on this site) plays it regularily, check out his games.
  5. 07 May '06 04:45
    I play the Scotch alot in Blitz. You can get good positions without alot of thought.
  6. 07 May '06 08:07
    The Scotch is my first choice against e5! I think it's an excellent opening with clear principles.
  7. Standard member Amaurote
    No Name Maddox
    07 May '06 08:16
    I've seen DojoCleaning play a few games like this as White.
  8. 07 May '06 23:12
    Garry Kasparov has also been known to play it!