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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    21 Jan '05 09:15
    Lots of stuff going on at the moment (including some non-RHP related contract work to help sort out the finances), but I am also re-coding some core parts of the site in the preparation for some new and exciting stuff I have planned for 2005.

    Because of the high risk of releasing re-engineered code to everyone, I need a small team of beta-testers who would be prepared to run any new code and report any possible problems before it is made available to everyone.

    This probably isn't as exciting as it first sounds, but occasionally you will get to play with some 'cool' things first.

    Anyway, normal routine, post your name here if you are interested. Please keep this thread to just volunteers names, no need to go OT. Thanks in advance.

  2. Standard member Toe
    21 Jan '05 09:29
    no prob Russ.
    Will it be by installation or by site script as per norm?
    Just wondering if I could keep beta at home, normal at work: if not, then beta it all and be damned!
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    21 Jan '05 09:36
    All it will mean is when you come to the site, on some pages you will be using new code, on others you won't. This will all happen transparently, but, I will make it clear before hand what is new and should be used 'cautiously'.

  4. Standard member NicolaiS
    21 Jan '05 09:44
    Always willing, count me in Russ.
  5. Standard member Nyxie
    The eyes of truth
    21 Jan '05 09:55
    I'm here a bunch and might as well help.

  6. Standard member TRACKHEAD21
    Total Domination
    21 Jan '05 10:33
    Count me in too Russ.
  7. 21 Jan '05 10:35
    Happy to help if you need it

  8. 21 Jan '05 10:37 / 2 edits
    Always happy to help - please add me to the list


    Edit: gave my name
  9. Standard member mrmist
    21 Jan '05 11:06
    I will do.
  10. Standard member CeeWinM
    Grumpy Penguin
    21 Jan '05 11:35
    happy to beta-test for you.
  11. Standard member Ragnorak
    For RHP addons...
    21 Jan '05 11:48 / 1 edit
    I've done this professionally, so hopefully I can be of service. My speciallity is figuring out ways of breaking software. If it can be done, it will be done. I have no faith whatsoever in end-users.

  12. 21 Jan '05 12:56
    If you need a Safari user, I'm your man. I do have a background in CS, though I'm not sure that it matters.
  13. 21 Jan '05 12:59
    i volunteer :-)
  14. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    21 Jan '05 14:02 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Svin1
    If you need a Safari user, I'm your man. I do have a background in CS, though I'm not sure that it matters.
    Safari testing would be very usefull in particular. I have no Mac available to me. (I may buy a Mac-mini for testing in the future - they are as about as sexy as a computer can get, aesthetically.)

    edit : After a request to stay OT, I go and post a link off to the new Mac. Hypocrite, I am.

  15. Standard member thire
    21 Jan '05 15:05 / 1 edit
    Take me on your list please: thire
    I can test Win2000 at home and Linux at university.
    not as saxy as a miniMac, but better then a stone on the head (as some people say here...)
    Will you contact us, post any news in the forum or...