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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member spud2048
    Rooney 8
    04 Jan '07 05:08
    I've heard numerous stories of people accidently messaging their opponents with text they intended to put inthe Notebook box.
    It can be quite embarasing and ruin a good game.

    I've also made this mistake 3 or 4 times.

    It happens because the 'Message Your Opponent' and 'Notebook' buttons are right next to each other and work in almost identical ways.

    If the programmer/designer of the interface screen moved the 'Notebook' button to a place lets say underneath the 'Skip this game for now' button it would never happen.

    I know the people that run this site have lots to do, but it would be a good idea to move the two options away from each other in a future release of the game screen interface.

  2. Standard member knightwest
    General of GROSS
    04 Jan '07 14:01
    I've done this before.
    The guy wrote a very polite message back, saying he hadn't seen the trap I was referring to, and thanking me .
  3. Standard member Amaurote
    No Name Maddox
    04 Jan '07 19:25
    Thirded, even though the advice I inadvertently forward is invariably thoroughly flawed...