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    "Although you were warned to aquaint yourselves with the origonal manual before you departing , a great number of you did not."If you've seen one manual, you've seen them all" has proved to be a cavalier attitude that many of you have lived to regret, even though most of you are too stunned and dazed by the process to remember just exactly what it is you are regretting. Being four hundred light years from home and suddenly wondering "Did I forget my toothbrush?" is both annoying to Mission Control as well as useless to the mission.
    So , for those of you who left your galaxy without it, an unprecedented reprinting of the manual has been authorized by the mission's governing councils. This is the remedial version of the origonal manual because you couldn't possibly handle the unexpurgated version at this time. This is the official American and Canadian translation, written in the vernacular and made current to your circumstances. It is the strong recomendations of the Councils, now that you have yourselves totally disassembled, why not take a moment and read the instructions? It is , after all, at your request yhat we had them written." -The Intergalactic Council (The Confederated Interuniversal Councils, The United Stellar Alliances and The Greater Interdimensional Federation of Light.)

    This is at the start of a very short book. Its called 'Spacial note from publisher'. Anyone interested?
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    Originally posted by karoly aczel
    "Although you were warned to aquaint yourselves with the origonal manual before you departing , a great number of you did not."If you've seen one manual, you've seen them all" has proved to be a cavalier attitude that many of you have lived to regret, even though most of you are too stunned and dazed by the process to remember just exactly what it is yo of a very short book. Its called 'Spacial note from publisher'. Anyone interested?
    The spell checker is your friend.
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    03 Aug '09 04:11
    Originally posted by ThinkOfOne
    The spell checker is your friend.
    Thnx friend
    you did understand the general gist though didn't you?
    I've got some great news to share with you. Spelling is not the issue. So you and anyone else that is genuinely interested in this material I would suggest to be serious for just a moment and have a think about what I may be trying to get at with my post.
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    Originally posted by ThinkOfOne
    The spell checker is your friend.
    how do you get spell checker here?
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    that first bit was called'special not from the publisher'
    the book itself is called "E.T. 101-The Cosmic Instruction Manual"
    It sums up my views on spirituality very succinctly. It is simple and direct. I can find no hidden agenda and regardless of the authenticity of the author(s) the message is what is important and what I resonate with.

    "Because human languages are not designed to grasp many concepts outside the current fixated, fear-ridden, and toxic conciousness, and also because we do not use spoken language, this manual presents us with some interesting problems. dealing in the currency of your linguistic systems is doubly difficult because of the inversion of your energy has twisted all logical meaning.For instance, the people of this planet stand in total arrogance, adamantly denying their omnipresence. They declare their separation from themselves, each other, and all life while passing it off as an act of humility. Humility is not denial; SEPARATION is denial. And maintaining tha separation is the ultimate act of pride.
    Your institutions operate in the same backward manner; thus you have a national security system that is actively engaged in killing everybody, a federal drug administration that has all but recomended motor oil for dietary use because it is low in polyunsaturates, and an economic system that has convinced everybody that life is bad for the economy. As you see , it may be difficult to use your language and still hope to express the truth. Certain terms need new definitions before you begin reading this. They follow."
    There are level 1 words: Extraterrestrial,Alien,E.T.vs Alien, Walk-in , Crawl-in, UFO.
    Level 2 words: Light, Transmutation, Intelligence, Co-creation, Trtuh, Reality, Spirit.
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    03 Aug '09 12:25
    Please continue.
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    An extra-terrestrial is not an alien. An alien is an alien. An extra-terrestrial is a responsible citizen of the cosmos, not a foreigner adrift among the stars. Extraterrestrials are representatives of light, protectors of life, and lovers of the planets. They are indigenous to any planet they happen to be on by virtue of their citizenship, regardless of their planet of origon.
    Many of you have come to believe that you couldn't possibly be an e.t. because you feel so connected to the Earth and love her so much. May we suggest that if you love this planet at all, you ARE an e.t. May we also suggest that your concern for this planet was so great that you cared enough to send the very best-in this case, yourself.
    Alignment , not lineage, defines the meaning of the term "e.t.".Although all life emanates from the same source, not all life is alligned with that source. AN E.T. IS A BEING WHO IS IN SYMPATHETIC HARMONY WITH THE ESSENCE OF ITS GENESIS.

    The people of this planet have expressed a certain neurotic fear about alien invasion. The fear has been triggered by a nagging sense that in a limitless universe there might just be other intelligent life. In a typicaLLY XENOPHOBIC AND SELF-SERVING RESPONSE, GOVERMENTS ARE ARMING AGAINST WHAT THEY ALREADY KNOW TO BE TRUE. tHIS, OF COURSE[accidently hit caps lock] is not general knowledge but, in paternalistic systems of government, important information is NEVER general knowledge. In the name of national security, the acts of government are often hidden from the governed. This statement is not to make you paranoid or stir you to political revolt' it is simply to demonstrate to you the behaviour of an alien and the meaning of the term.
    YOU NEED NOT SCOUR THE SKIES FOR EVIDENCE OF AN ALIEN INVASION. LOOK AROUND YOU INSTEAD. LOOK AT THOSE PEDDLING FEAR, VENDING DEATH ,AND POISONING THE PLANET. Look at those who hide the truth so that the power they have derived from lying will not be threatened. And look at those sadly separated beings that have the audacity to gaze upon the created universe , wondering if ther could possibly ba anyone else out ther, all the while arming just in case there is. This is the alien invasion you worry about , the one you externalize and fear. It is also the one that surrounds you and the one you have been living out for thousands of years.
    There is no point in fearing an invasion of aliens, since the invasion has already happened and the aliens are already here. You would be better advised to fear that no true intelligence will ever show up on this planet. And you would be even better advised not to fear anything at all.

    E.T. vs Alien.
    Now that you have learned the difference between an e.t. and an alien , we would like you to forget the distinction immediatly. The danger in the definitions is that, as mental concepts, they separate once again. This mission is not about separation. Nor is it a Hollywood western being performed by a cast of good guys and bad guys. It is about light and bringing more of it into this planet. THE INVITATION TO ENTER THE LIGHT IS EXTENDED TO ALL HUMANKIND, ALIENS INCLUDED, FOR ALIENS ARE ONLY E.T.'S WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO STAND IN DARKNESS, LIVE A LIE, AND WEAR A DISGUISE."

    more later...
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    03 Aug '09 18:00
    Originally posted by stoker
    how do you get spell checker here?
    Firefox it's built in Trust me I need it

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    Originally posted by stoker
    how do you get spell checker here?
    It's on "Word"
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    " Walk-in.
    most of you have probably heard the term 'walk-in', but for the benefit of those who have been assigned to some real boondockoutposts, we will explain its meaning. awalk-in is a member of the mission who has "walked' into a body that was previosly occupied by another tenant. The main function of a walk-in is to assist the ground members who came here in a more conventional manner to awaken their true identity-hopefully b4 the mission is over. They retain much of their interdimensional conciousness and can move through dysfunctional patterns at an accelarated rate, making them invaluable to the numbed-out and befuddled crew members who have been here their entire lives. The walk-ins are an expeditionary unit, most of whom will walk right back out once the task of awakening is completed. WALK-INS ARE EMESSARIES OF THE LIGHT WHO ARE SERVING IN TH MISSION'S RENDITION OF THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE PROGRAM."
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    04 Aug '09 04:47
    Even the most urbane and knowledgable members of this mission will not have heard of the term "crawl-in" because we just made it up. CRAWL-INS ARE PLANETARY TEAM MEMBERS WHO OPTED TO ENTER THIS PLANE THROUGH THE NORMAL, CURRENTLY TRAUMATIC BIRTH PROCESS. Upon arriving most of them instantly re-evaluated the situation and changed their minds , but were unable to figure out a way back.
    The majority of this group incarnated shortly after WW2 , their advent being triggered by the Manhattan Project's birthing of the nuclear age and the subsequent atomic bombing of Japan. They are reffered to as the "war-baby crop" or "baby boomers" by the unsuspecting local population. The crawl-ins are the back-bone of this mission. If you are reading this, you aremost likely one of them because the "crawl-ins" are the ones that necessitated the writing of this manual."
  12. Subscriber karoly aczel
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    04 Aug '09 12:46 / 2 edits
    i see no one is interested in this. (except for cassaid4)
    or maybe you are all just sitting back taking it all in....

    lets skip a couple of sections and move right along to "Truth"

    " We have noticed that you pretend to value truth om this planet. Some spend a lifetime seeking it. Your legal systems demand it, you can be sued if your business doesn't practice it. Your philosophers define it, your scientists measure it, your religons exalt it, and you all fight over it. Meanwhile , all you are doing is paying global lip service to it, There is an excellent reason for this: You have no idea what truth really is.
    How the obvious has escaped you is a tedious dtory. The abridged version of it amounts to this: You embraced fear. After that unholy act, it has been downhill eversince. Fear is the first lie, the lie that tells you that you are separated from the whole. Once it has been embraced, you are incapable of ever telling the truth under any circumstance without blowing the game.
    truth, by nature, is the light. Fear cannot, by its nature, be in the light without dying. It becomes a simple matter of self interest. fear has owned this planet, its people, and their systems for a long time. It does not wish to give up the property it has acquired because it is a parasitic life form that cannot live separated from your life forces.
    THE TRUTH IS YOU ARE THE TRUTH. It is not external to you as you have been led to believe. For that reason, it is ludicrous to set out on a spiritual journey in search of it. it is likewise ridiculous to punish those who do not practice it when almost nobody on this planet does. As for philosophizing over it , how can you when you wouldn't recognize it if it ran you down in the street? Meanwhile, measuring it is done in an attempt to dominate it, leading you furthur into the lie that lives outside you like an enemy that must be controlled. To exalt it is to see it as separate. And fighting over it is so absurd as to not deserve our comment at all.
    The totality of your clinically insane behaviour surrounding truth has been cleverly manipulated by fear in its attempt to keep your eyes OFF the truth. In this manner , fear was able to continue uninterrupted and undetcted in its process of eating you alive. But don't worry- there is a cure. All you need to do is awaken to the fact that YOU ARE THE TRUTH.As the light comes on, the parasite will die,leaving you to joyously able to reclaim command."
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    I'm interested -- just not much to say as yet.
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    Originally posted by menace71
    Firefox [the spell checker is] built in Trust me I need it
    I tunred mine of .
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    Originally posted by daniel58
    It's on "Word"
    but how