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  1. 21 May '07 01:20
    ok i was looking for info on the mark... and i found this forum and signed up so i could talk and here are the posts i went through to end up here...

    OK since i don't play chess you can guess why i decided to make an account all to answer your ?'

    ok first off all the things i read-- barcodes etc. don't fit the teachings basically because it has to touch the hearts and souls of man and also has to be known by the bearer what it is... cannot be judged for something you did not know...

    based on the teachings if it would be the barcode per say then the people that implement such would bear the mark...

    not the people hapless ly controlled by it

    but my personall opinion is, america's current political stance is the mark
    --- roman / babylonian empire / and also sodom and gromora...

    you get that part... what about the mural of heaven over looking the capitols senate... and nobility being illegal due to the constitution, technically that means christ cannot claim to be king of this country...because that is nobility...

    why this country exists i don't know, i think we may find out... when i start asking questions publicly

    back to the reagan thing,, ok if that was true i would be too my name adds the same 666... of course i know thats not true, but my name has other meanings that make it even more confusing, i could say i am lord of this country just how my name works

    another idea i have is business trademarks....
    the rich public of a disconcerted nation... quite possible, in fact very possible since pharasi's - i know i am bad at spelling...

    were brokers/ and loan officials, basically they gave you money or something if you signed a contract... so that being the 'witchcraft' of then
    i would say a lot of crap will hit the fan when the truth comes out...

    more shock than anything--- considering well christ was married and had a child--- don't believe pay attention to the discovery channel a little more....

    the roman catholic church is definitely the iron will of evil men for power...

    why would i need to carry a crucifix?

    just to proclaim i am catholic?

    and to confess to a catholic priest?

    and why the right hand?

    and why a idol of a very glorified death?

    as where life is what fuels good in the hearts of man...

    why are the infrared and uv spectrums only visible to these animals- bees and some snakes?

    unless put in laser form, ie blue ray and infrared lasers?

    why do blu ray lasers exist as 2 colors instead of one?

    and why are these 3 colors only appear in a double rainbow in nature?-- not talking about space (the heavens)

    why is it so easy for people not to believe earth is the center of the universe?

    is it because the same spawning scientests that wanted to explore every thing just to originally defame the current corrupt church only made it even more possible to destroy one teaching that would keep man more together?

    --- if you don't get that -- just use reverse mathematics on the gravity equations... you may get an answer

    --- were not the skys the heaven, before christian life?

    would not the stars still be angels?

    and as i speak from understanding putting a flag in the moon is putting sin in the heavens.... i would say somewhere man lost the purpose of religion... religion only became culture vice belief, and well now culture is enforced by corporate policies and military dress codes... and i am getting sick of living 'free', when i am free knowing laws have no binding hold on my life... and i am my own judge and jury due to knowing what will happen due to my actions.... so i would deem myself a supreme justice of this country only to myself... and me alone

    done ranting...

    EDIT: / reply considering the mocking god thing and considering my beliefs on stars are the marks of god over man... well you could see how i would say that vr would be possibly the mark of sin ...and considering the man at patmos part, um nero the last roman emperor before rome fell, but if that is true, revalations has already occured unless rome didn't really fall--- hence usa... the current roman empire--- and take the number part in effect the 666 birthday of this country is?
    2442---too perfect for a man (more human than human)
    1776, when technically our navy was formed before that 1774, so our country was really birthed in 1774 as a military force, then formed as a false non tyranny country in 1776... very true...

    please answer , if you have something good to say... i don't take jokes very well these days


    Originally posted by Nordlys
    I asked God.

    Why does the US exist?
    Perhaps it is just fate.

    yep same answer basically

    --- because man have freewill and its what they chose to have---

    really thats what he says---

    don't want to lead god speaks to me... not true

    its just the truth of the teachings...

    ok, belief in X etc. you have me lost... you read like a magic card

    ? you got me lost.... capitalism is worse than a democratic communist state... assuming thats what you are saying

    considering capitalism only breeds lies and cheats from powerfull people, and upset homicidal meek people

    as where the other way around you have lies and cheats from the meek (welfare proves that) and such from the top, what top, democracy is not suppossed to have a tyrannist group, considering i have to be born in a high income living community to go to a school that gets proper funding from the income tax from the housing costs the rich people in that area pay... then i have to be able to get a scholarship / pay for college in political science then i have to become a politician somewhere just to be part of this small minority group of people that make the decisions for this overpopulated, hitler type baby boom military builder..of a country.... just to fight wars with other terrorists that are talking about religion not politics....

    but thats a whole other story.... and thats something that the bablylon whore of the nYC whom stands to protect the nations money in side the dual mirror of greed fell on the date of the own countries emergency telephone number goes down in history just as another travesty and not a biblical event.... -------------------------------------------------------

    and i say that knowing she also stands in vegas...

    and knowing the 10 heads are the faces of our money and the one cut off was jfk... there is the answer i found through living as i do

    Originally posted by huckleberryhound
    What dumbass banee is this ?

    ok double reply--- my name and its meaning

    samuel (sam) ---- uncle sam, or sam i am
    wright --- the meaning is self explanitory- right or wrong
    pettey--- petty officer pettey , to be exact- i served the us navy- but got kicked out for smoking weed.... so the meaning of petty is small and insignificant...
    as uncle sam is viewed to be Big brother, i am simply little brother
    watching big brother screw up

    and please don't call me dumb, i was a nuclear electrician, and i also have many other talents, and probably teach a few things about a lot...

    thanx for listening....

    another ?'s for the others

    why does it seem the wiccans and athiests are really not upset at god but really more upset with the people in charge of their lives?

    the cost of freedom is only the amount of the freedom you choose, we all choose the majority of the lives we live... if you own a gun, you live in fear of other guns... if you deal drugs, you live in fear of other dealers and the time to get caught... if you have lots of sex with many unknown strangers you live in fear of catching diseases, or being stalked...

    further more the freedoms you wish to have that are not given by the men/women in charge are the freedoms you may fight for, but the freedom knowing you have absolute freewill to do what you choose with in the substantiality in reality are the best freedoms of all.

    note: god loves all his creatures and the most layward lamb the most, so even satan is loved, but with love there is also hate.

    with that said it can be easily explained the difference between righteous hate and ingnorant hate

    i need to explain the money thing, it may be helpfull for some

    penny- lincoln- and the 5 dollar bill- 1
    nickel- jefferson - no bill-2
    dime- theodore (TDR) - no bill-3
    quarter- GW - 1 dollar bill -4
    10 dollar bill- alexander hamilton -5
    20 dollar bill - jackson -6
    50 dollar bill - ulysses s grant - 7
    100 dollar bill- ben franklin -8

    the other 2- 50 cent piece - jfk- 9
    and the 2 dollar bill- jfk(latest printing)

    now to explain why i didn't go back in history--- 1966 or 1963(history sites have different dates) was when "in god we trust" was placed on the money and the above are the bills that actually were circulated through the public hands...although prior there was a limited printing of the same in 1957... i know there are larger bills but these are not seen by the public so they do not count as 'money'.....

    and of all of these persons that are above all of them were presidents or the one a general of the south... there for leaving the following as non-figure head leaders

    alexander/ ben franklin....

    now for the 10th

    obviously its not a figure head leader (crowned leader) because we got those 7 already... leaving one head that was cut off.. lets see...
    THE One dollar coin... printed for 2000, only really used by the military.... even most vending machines accept them but no longer is actually seen very often... face was sacagawea (indian tribe leader... also gw, and a limited mint printing of presidents)...or susan b anthony was the prior printing.... also have a stature of liberty printing... not legal tender),

    the new 2007 printing has 4 presidents only one not mentioned before was john adams... as you can tell with the crown...
  2. 21 May '07 01:21
    as you can tell with the crowned part that i am also trying to point out , well technically it can go both ways, since ulyses s grant technically wasn't a president.... so i really don't think the 2007 printing will be very public but it is legal tender, and at that point there are 11 heads due to the recent printings of that coin but the coin still is the same and currently is holding 5-6 different faces but still is not used as money very widely...

    i am sure this explains my comment in full regarding the original reason this thread was made and the chapters of the bible which it comes...

    considering no other country has that many heads on their money
    Originally posted by belgianfreak
    that scares you?! Dude - he was a nuclear electrician for the navy!

    nuclear electrician's scare me about the same as myself, as my greatest fear is myself...
    (and not to mention yes i was that for 5 and a half years... getting kicked out only made them mad i was leaving)
    they are the world's greatest power, well the nuclear people in the navy that is all they have to do is do a mas coupe by throwing away a limited item that they need to have to read the radiation they recieve per day, and well they own the navy.... can't operate with out the item and well they are no longer made and the navy has a small amount of such
    Originally posted by EcstremeVenom
    1666?... my named adds to that

    take the double letters out of the year 1776 you got 1666, 1 dollar bill
    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3
    Section 8.

    section 9, and its called medical discharge now in the navy...

    not to mention , if my reality is my reality based on my religion technically that means this gov't has no right to control or say what my reality is, there fore... ..... not going to explain the rest
    Originally posted by Starrman
    I think you spent too long near the reactor.

    and if you didn't know, i was like this before the navy....

    the navy just insighted me how much our gov't lies to its own people, and also how much it abuses the tax money...

    also you get more radiation from the sun than a reactor... and i worked in the opposite room most of the time where the reactor didn't even radiate much...

    if you think i am nuts , then i say your nuts for accepting the gov't because not understanding i plan on ending this with words and no weapons. and as an army of one... well you are definitely nuts
    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3
    Doesn't matter, you knew what I meant, Klinger.

    what does klinger mean?

    i knew a shawn klinger once, is that what you mean

    or do you mean a leech... ?

    Originally posted by hopscotch
    Don't stoop to their level, brother! This whole time the only way they could deal with what you write is to call you crazy. Nobody is trying to engage you in any rational debate! Now, if they disagree with you, let them explain why, or we'll have to admit that everyone is insane.

    true, but if i ask them to explain, they still won't i am very experienced with how people react to strange thinking... you can imagine being this way since birth and dealing with it over time...

    not to mention i am perfectly sane....

    maybe i think outside the box, but at least i am outside the box
    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3
    1. Get a television.

    2. Turn it on.

    3. You are guaranteed to see millions of MASH re-runs.

    4. Figure it out.

    ok i don't watch tv because it is so repetitive and stupid... and doesn't fit my attention span, they would need to play seasons of shows at a time just to interest me....

    and as for kinger in MASH, we are nothing alike, not sure if you read all my posts, but i would like to say considering i have met a founder of a church that is based off of a band called icp.... well yeah i am nothing like that

    not at all....

    simply put... what are you trying to get at
    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3
    You're a nutbag.

    That's what I'm geting at. The short version. The straight to the point, no holds barred, no waste of time with references or other things you don't cop.

    You're a nutbag.

    ok, my references are not needed... i have been just pointing out the facts

    USA is the
    World power by its own choice, but not the peoples... and yet its a country that has the words and paintings of christian idolism through out its culture but yet still does not stand for any religion due to its own written laws... the largest blasphemy of the church of god i ever heard of.... fighting a war over it s own pride and no country manned enough to defeat this army... the man whom conquered to conquer, and never was defeated... and the salute of the old showing the palm of the hand, and as to where the usa's salute is showing just the pinky... if you are 555 i am 666... and if you don't understand that please go to the toilet and ask yourself if living as a king in a kingless country is doing you any good.... asuming you are from this country...

    and the history on the salute is simple, when a country lost a war they changed their salute to the palm out.... so you now know what i call the truth , the obvious truth

    and a reply to some one else earlier, yes christ is prophecy, worship god not any man... and understand the words shall be spoken upon the steps of the antichrist's own doorstep

    as far as references... if you want me to start referencing old text... and with pictures i will... its not like i haven't learned this just by dreaming it up....

    and if your some lazy rich ass american that doesn't care about other people that have to live a harder life than you... well no wonder you think i am nuts because you know i am right and you know if i am discouraged enough i will not get my voice out... ummmmmm,,, at this point it will never work, i have recieved my power of freewill and have found enlightenment over the ridiculous life most have to live.... and i will... only be happy to be further discourged because the more people fight me with more words of beligerance i will become more compelled to find or bring forth more truths as to why this country will fall on judgement

    and on the kinder side... what does cop mean? what do you really mean the references you don't cop... what are you talking about
    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3
    I wasn't asking for your references. I already know enough about your references. You're Professor Notquitethere from the University of Psychotic.

    Are you really that far gone that you can't see the total lack of continuity between what someone says to you and what you say in return? You're the crazy guy on the public bus. You're the guy mumbling d that you seek help, and possibly Lithium, or whatever is the "anti-psychotic du jour."

    exactly my point.. thanks for the discouragement

    i am considered that because you just don't see it my way... and nor would you accept the country you were born in is the antichrist's creation on earth... oh well

    and no i was not medically discharged, they said i was sane in due sake so an officer didn't have to hear what i had to say...

    had to smoke weed just to get out...

    that took 2 years to catch... and been sober since

    um do you understand we are on two wavelengths... i am talking about heaven coming to earth... and the evil doers that bear the mark be judged....

    as you are talking about me being nuts.... reality check please
    Originally posted by hopscotch
    How do you live, brother?

    Are we, the meek, the starving third world, more fortunate than the New World Order? How will we ever know when we are truly free? How much will freedom cost us all?

    I live knowing the simple truth of how i was alive at the start had a reason for having an end...

    its beautiful to dream of things better than the current technology we thrive with ... and to dream of the things we could do with spiritual enlightenment...

    but to live in peace is like living in a bottomless pit...

    i live simply by helping the pain of others that cannot understand the simple things in life as to where i solved those before i graduated hi school.... and yep sorry its a sick day to be alive... why would i want to hear news from another country live in my own home, i don't know, but that s also the danger of the power that i use now as well... why would any one in another part of the world want to here what i have to say about how everything really is... when they had already accepted it for what it was... simply sick
    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3
    Stop lying - you never graduated "hi" school.

    ok... you are just dumb then...
    riginally posted by Loner not by choice
    ok... you are just dumb then...

    Central dauphin high school

    harrisburg, pa, 17112 locust lane to be exact....

    class of 1999, last classes studied, ap chemistry -period 1
    on other days- industrial tech class -period 1
    english= period 2
    on other days- industrial tech - period 2
    period 3 - lunch - 1st lunch
    period 4- guitar class
    period 4- other days- music class
    period 5 gym
    period 6 - calculus
    period 7- study hall
    period 8- bus ride home eta 45 min

    3.5 GPA, sleeping, and no homework, decided at the point of signing for military... school was useless

    nuke school , hi school review... 3.5 GPA, no extra study hours...

    and damn it was great... check google earth for the sc...
  3. 21 May '07 01:22
    NNPTC is in goose creek, SC

    and i gave a close enough address for CD's nuts
    riginally posted by st00p1dfac3
    Perhaps your schedule should have looked more like this -

    Period 1 - Spelling.
    Period 2 - Basic Literacy.
    Period 3 - Non-Crazy Social Interaction.
    Period 4 - Insults That Are Better Than "You are Dumb."
    Period 5 - Going To The Toilet Without Help.
    Period 6 - Back In The Straight Jacket.
    Period 7 - The Bus Ride Home Is Not A Class.

    bus ride home is a social class...

    i've owned a straight jacket that was a casual wear goth jacket that i got from a girl i dated whom got it from a close friend of mine in the navy whom started dating her the same day i met her... and well i gave her a lighter that day and she was a collector of lighters but did not smoke... in fact she hated smoking... later while dating this girl whom was a daughter of a navy master chief... different boat... i visited her family was in the same exact city where i was born... in which we had the only picture taken of us together that formed a perfect V between us in unison.. and this same girl goes by her self name Vixen of Virginia beach whom i met in a coffee house named casablanca (the white house) and during which my life mirrored most of the story line from the movie vanilla sky ( the white heaven, or the white house of god-- symonyms for vanilla and sky)...

    yep and the V from V for Vendetta and my Vendetta i vigalante this verdant beast of us of a*

    thats the crazy side... figured id mention it since you thought my critical thinking side was crazy as well

    and you still haven't answered my question... what does cop mean
    Originally posted by demonseed
    Is english really your first language?

    no earthling is.... grammar is only a contrary term of understanding

    if a 3rd grader can read it and understand what i am trying to say thats all that matters

    i choose not to spell properly because i am a casual writer not some doctorate that is part of some other society that is not my fate, not my life and not my pride....

    why would i want a piece of paper that says i know this as when all i have to do is tell you exactly what i know.... literally i can.... the memory allows such to be done

    ok period 8-- it was a 45 min bus ride and a 20 min walk home, social class on patience and reflection
    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3
    To "cop" something is to "get" it. To understand. "Cop on" is both the action of understanding - "Cop on will ye?" and the quality of being able to understand - "He wouldn't have the cop on of a nutbag in a straight jacket." Irish slang, I believe it's also used in the UK.

    ok understood, cop on is not common in NE america... not even the slightest especially in my generation (or the de generation as it seems)

    so we say things like you understand me? or understandable in that case

    or you catch my gig, etc.

    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3
    No, numbnuts. Spelling correctly is not something you "choose." Communication is based on the idea that you can express yourself in a way which others can understand. To this end there are certain rules - one of which is that you use the correct language and syntax thereof to explain yourself. Since part of language is the spelling of the words used, ...[text shortened]... Spelling mistakes are one thing, choosing to be unintelligible intentionally is reprehensible.

    check mate or check mait... um with out the knowledge of a chess game that would mean nothing.... so therefore as it goes,, this forum automatically underlines misspelled words so it is a choice in this matter, and if i was speaking i am sure you would not be able to tell whether or not i was misspelling the words or not as i am very good at pronunciation... and the average thermodynamic molecular collision per sec is the distance a molecule has to travel before it loses its kinetic energy to the expanse it had to pass through.... water is the best moderator for any boiler especially a nuclear powered one-- a moderator is the fluid used to transfer the kinetic energy from the 'hot rock' to the other fluids (water) in the pipes used to make steam ... ok... just going down to the point that i can spell just not familiar with common words due to the mass memorization i was forced to do after choosing to sign a contract with whom is never again volunteer yourself, that protects the country i reside with the largest power of the stars on earth in little bottles called nuclear reactors... science is now a form of witchcraft to me because the common people cannot understand the professions because the scientists make words that most can not understand... so why not rewrite these books so a 3rd grader can understand them better, instead of keeping the current society structure based on the largest language ever made... and we still make it bigger with all the new technology we create only representing the passed mistakes of an already fallen empire... babylon

    I DO PLAY CHESS>..... just read my posts... and calling me nuts and following suite with another person just fits an example of the following kind... please read my other posts before making that decision

    and another note... most of my friends are not believer's in christ... most are athiest or wiccan

    as to why i came to RHP, is because its the only forum open with the thread we are in.... i was just seeing if anyone has covered what i have learned about it yet somewhere on the WWW--- and i found this
    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3
    I'm bored with you now.

    thanx... for the conversation...
    Originally posted by Evil Pawn 666
    If you subscribe to RHP to have a place to get therapy your a sad case. Your a nonchess player? How disgustingly sad. Couldn,t you find anyone to listen to your babbling? Not even your christian friends? These are people with no better thing to do than indulge your ramblings. Join a church. Spend your money on helping the poor. Be constructive instead ...[text shortened]... an answer. He might not be opposed to squashing a bug. Smile, you are now on the devils radar.

    i have challenged the devil throughout my life... seems he knows that i would win the fight to the death ... never has appeared throughout my entire life... the critical side...

    i am him?

    constructively i mix music, draw and think of ways of portraying my mind through music in the future

    i help the poor very often, but as now i am the poor that makes it a little hard

    and well sympathy for the man with the chat name evil pawn 666, you must have some pride in playing chess then...

    not going to even explain what pride does to most people
    Originally posted by cadwah
    Hi there Loner not by choice, just so you know, there is a whole forum called spirituality on this site. That is the place where you will find like minded people who will most probably be willing to discuss the finer points that you are trying to get across. I must admit I am lost as to what you are getting at. Maybe the fine folk in the spirituality forum wh a link -

    You're welcome.

    the idea was to explain how the mark really is a product of the society of USA... thats all... not something i think too many understand that our society really is a new roman empire... just nicer and friendlier and still kill people in their sleep...

    and not too mention i just went there and i see athiest's thanx more people that don't understand my speak about god being real... guess its kind of hard to explain when you know for a fact he exist's

    best proof i got is the solar eclipse.... moon perfect size and perfect distance to cover the sun as perfectly it does... i know it doesn't prove the christian god but it does prove the ultimate creator part
    Originally posted by Daemon Sin
    Your assumption is the key to your negativity.

    the key to my negativity is living in the world that has rapists, countries with mass destructive bombs... and people that fight about sneakers that cost almost 50 times what it takes to make them... and not being able to stand up and tell the president and the congress how i feel without being arrested in a free country
    Originally posted by cadwah
    That's great but I think you might have missed a subtle hint in my message.

    i am not making another forum account... no way

    at this point i don't think it matters what i say...

    i will just take my beliefs and fire campaign to the music i make...

    there's no need to stick to the forums.. its too small, and too little to get through to the larger public i am trying to fend for

  4. 21 May '07 01:25
  5. 21 May '07 01:27 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Gascraft
    ok not sure why you showed me that.. but good point killing on film of other world leaders does prove the US is the wierdest thing in the entire history of man... not to mention saddam was still on trial after he died

    not sure how you can judge someone that already is passed over into the depths of soul judgement
  6. 21 May '07 01:41
    If anyone has the mark of the best it's Al-Q. American puppets who cannot think for themselves or find more benefits to themselves choose to unite together agaisnt Al-Q based on the intellect of the few specially chosen from God. They spread a common hate over wide areas, such as muslims to hunt down their "EVIL". I think more and more people are finally starting to realise people like Bush do NOT have a place in the world because that hate they spread also comes back and they are actually to blame for pushing innocent people beyond their limits.

    Saddam, yes he had what!? That imaginary mark... but this was only so American Bush-wackers could use the Iraqi nation to suck Al-Q in and have a big war to give peace of mind to their homeland security. It's a shame that a whole innocent nation got destroyed, but that is the price America's Jesus has to pay so Americans can do their shopping in peace, watch some movies and praise Jesus in the village church without the fear that their past crims had brought.......

    People do not realise that the American nation is superior to God, so once people who had their children killed by stray bombs can get past this mental blockage then peace would come to earth and we can all praise Mr. Bush like Jesus told him he will make happen. 98.4 I hate gays FM has also come out publically in support of what Jesus told Mr. Bush and said yes.. we want to see all of earth praise your holy name.
  7. 21 May '07 01:45 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by Gascraft
    If anyone has the mark of the best it's Al-Q. American puppets who cannot think for themselves or find more benefits to themselves choose to unite together agaisnt Al-Q based on the intellect of the few specially chosen from God. They spread a common hate over wide areas, such as muslims to hunt down their "EVIL". I think more and more people are finally st what Jesus told Mr. Bush and said yes.. we want to see all of earth praise your holy name.
    WOW.............. you got me

    you are very on key,

    i am going to support what you say in a shorter statement

    after 9/11, bush's 'self written/ proctored read speach' that quoted psalms, and did not even state the psalm in its entirety , as the number means nothing to those that have not read it.

    and as for homeland security... realid card act... universal id cards for the country or if you like to research...
  8. Donation rwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    21 May '07 01:49
    Originally posted by Loner not by choice
    NNPTC is in goose creek, SC

    and i gave a close enough address for CD's nuts
    riginally posted by st00p1dfac3
    Perhaps your schedule should have looked more like this -

    Period 1 - Spelling.
    Period 2 - Basic Literacy.
    Period 3 - Non-Crazy Social Interaction.
    Period 4 - Insults That Are Better Tha ...[text shortened]... ing to fend for

    Guess how many people will read your entire post. I bet I know the answer.
  9. 21 May '07 01:50 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by rwingett
    Guess how many people will read your entire post. I bet I know the answer.
    the few that care to read... same as how many people care to read your book , if you wrote one?

    not worried about it... if you got that far you got my original intentions....

    and on other side i will make a video that sums it up in less than 10 min...

    simpler and more entertaining
  10. Donation rwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    21 May '07 01:53
    Originally posted by Loner not by choice
    the few that care to read... same as how many people care to read your book , if you wrote one?
    At least my book would be readable, even if nobody chose to read it. Assuming I chose to write one.
  11. 21 May '07 01:56
    Yes.. revenge for 9/11..

    4 million refugees,

    60,000 or 150,000 or 600,000 dead,

    52% Iraqi people live on less then $1 per day,

    69% unemployment rate,

    Highest increasing infant mortality rate for under 5 years on earth.

    So yes a job well done. Praise Jesus!

    On the flip side, they also killed a top Al-Q leader, but if anyone stopped to notice he wasnt actually that bad. He did support a lot of good stuff against the crimes that America & England has done. They just get a new leader who is worse and do lots of suicide bombings.. so hey I miss the point of celebrations when again a worse situation has been created.

    Oh.. they also have water problems.
  12. 21 May '07 01:59 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Gascraft
    Yes.. revenge for 9/11..

    4 million refugees,

    60,000 or 150,000 or 600,000 dead,

    52% Iraqi people live on less then $1 per day,

    69% unemployment rate,

    Highest increasing infant mortality rate for under 5 years on earth.

    So yes a job well done. Praise Jesus!

    On the flip side, they also killed a top Al-Q leader, but if anyone stopped to no ...[text shortened]... lebrations when again a worse situation has been created.

    Oh.. they also have water problems.
    oh revenge for 9/11... hurricane katrina was self explanitory... iraq had a stampede and earthquake on the same day... they should notice these things

    and recently the tornado that took out a school happened the same time Bush spoke about the katrina rebuilding. the messages are there they just don't get it

    on a lighter note... fusion power is successfull...
  13. 21 May '07 02:08
    You could make a tsunami easy enough I would imagine, but Hurricanes would have to come from God.

    Yes, God must want Him out of His house.. that's easy to see.
  14. 21 May '07 02:11 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by Gascraft
    You could make a tsunami easy enough I would imagine, but Hurricanes would have to come from God.

    Yes, God must want Him out of His house.. that's easy to see.
    not sure if it is specifically bush... i think he is much like jfk, just a figure head... but i am thinking god is angry and is punishing us through weather, and well we don't see it that way anymore because of science... so he may eventually get really pissed and wipe out the earth and take all the good souls with him... pretty sure thats how it goes

    oh yeah hurricanes are products of the many large metal ships that traverse the atlantic and pacific and dump salt in the waters... larger salt content causes the evaporation to get disrupted and the trade winds pick up more water and cause the hurricanes... but same thing... maybe, i cannot prove this statement its only speculation but then its still our fault anyways...
  15. 21 May '07 02:13
    Wouldnt it be so funny if Bush has been hunting Al-Q in Iraq and they were off in their thermo-nuclear submarines the whole time..

    No.. not funny but it does go to show yet again that his power(although first great and powerful) can also have little real positive worths.