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  1. Standard member CalJustonline
    It is what it is
    18 Sep '14 18:37
    Originally posted by FMF
    I do not identify myself as an atheist. I am a non-religionist.
    My apologies. No offense intended.
  2. Subscriber FMF
    Main Poster
    19 Sep '14 04:50
    Originally posted by CalJust
    My apologies. No offense intended.
    You not listening to what people say or not being able to differentiate between people who are different from you does not cause any harm or offence on a forum like this. 🙂
  3. Standard member sonship
    the corrected one.
    21 Sep '14 20:18

    It was PRETORIA South Africa that you spoke of. How could I forget ?
  4. Standard member sonship
    the corrected one.
    21 Sep '14 21:18
    The point of this thread from my persepective was that Jesus spoke and taught some fearful things concerning God's judgment.

    These things came ALONG WITH the wonderful words of love, forgiveness. pardon, patience, longsuffering, and redemption He also taught.

    To anyone who has no problem with saying "Well, Jesus was wrong" there is little objection I could offer except, probably it is too bad you do not accept the authority of the Son of God.

    To anyone who says "Jesus never spoke about these dreadful matters of eternal damnation, but they were added by mean people latter" I don't think that reasoning is valid.

    For sure mean people have exploited words out of the mouth of Jesus. But the fearful words were His words along with other words.

    Then there are some who admit such words are in the New Testament and from the mouth of Jesus, but they are being misinterpreted. Some valid examples of popular misinterpretations are not enough to cover the whole subject of eternal suffering damnation.

    A few representative erroneous interpretations have never been enough for me to conclusively demonstrate the whole matter of everlasting damnation has been erroneously concocted.

    The fact of the matter is that Jesus spoke some things which no one likes. Jesus spoke some things most human beings would like to hear. But Jesus also spoke some things which probably NO ONE likes to consider.