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  1. Subscriber kmax87
    You've got Kevin
    16 Jan '18 14:55
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    assuming someone said that because they are majority black instead of considering the place actually is a s***whatever because of political reasons is where the real racism comes into play.
    Maybe you need to update your view as to how well Africa's doing.
  2. 16 Jan '18 15:04
    Originally posted by @whodey

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    That says enough.
  3. Subscriber kmax87
    You've got Kevin
    16 Jan '18 15:11
    Originally posted by @kmax87
    All those high fives to whodey and eladar don't mean a thing....
    What he said to the Mutt.
  4. 16 Jan '18 15:12
    Originally posted by @eladar
    The importance is the rejection of sin. Those who pretend that homosexuality is acceptable to the Lord are worshippers of Satan, even if they claim to follow Jesus.
    Just trying to understand you now that you feel that executing homosexuals is NOT morally acceptable can you explain what has happened please? Has God's moral standard changed? Is homosexuality ok now and they no longer need to be executed?
  5. 16 Jan '18 15:50
    Originally posted by @drewnogal
    Major Study: DHF 2940
    Are children who commit violent acts against other children born evil?
    Jo Hill
    i. Jon Venables
    Jon was the second of three children. His elder brother, then three years old, was an unhappy and frustrated baby who, according to his mother, Susan, never stopped crying and was very hard for her to cope with. Furthermore, Jon was s ...[text shortened]... ious familial difficulties there was no intervention from any support services (Morrison, 1997).
    It's sad reading and no doubt there are many people who commit crimes who were brought up under severe circumstances. If we can't rely on our legal system, then what do we do?
    We have responsibilities, so do criminals.
  6. Subscriber venda
    16 Jan '18 18:53 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @shallow-blue
    Ah. Burgundy and Scotch.
    Almost correct.
    The answers were (gin) trap, hock, (scotch) egg and Bourbon dynasty -all alcoholic drinks.
    Kewpie's idea was to try and revive interest in this thread by expanding the topics to word type puzzles as well as mathematical ones.
    I only get a paper once a week so I can't publish another puzzle of this type until next Saturday but I have an old book of word type puzzles(as well as mathematical ones):-
    By using every letter in this sentence,once, find the names of three animals
    "No motor traces this near"
    And a mathsy one:-
    Using the following letters how many ways are there to form the word REED
    Each letter is another version of that letter
  7. 16 Jan '18 19:26 / 3 edits
    Originally posted by @wildgrass
    Once again, "main" cause is very misleading.
    Yes, it certainly is.
    In terms of total amount of heat energy, the Sun would warm the surface of the Earth 'almost' (in percentage terms) as much without CO2 so perhaps you can say in that narrow sense that the Sun is the "main" cause of the 'warming' of the Earth. And yet without any CO2 we would be in an ice age while a tripling of CO2 will make the climate way too hot even though either case will make only a small percentage of difference (perhaps ~2% ) purely in terms of the total amount of heat energy (as opposed to temperature in centigrade) in the climate system.

    I also see a big potential here for the physics-ignorant to readily confuse the concept of the total amount of heat energy with the concept of temperature (the two don't equate) and how that could lead to all sorts of erroneous thinking on the subject.
  8. Standard member wolfgang59
    16 Jan '18 20:10
    Let me rephrase.
    Why do the Eladars and Whodeys etc. think they are
    "out of step" with the majority of the forum community here?
  9. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    16 Jan '18 22:04
    Originally posted by @steve45
    With the new badges on our homepage telling us how many continuous years we've been playing for, I was just wondering what constitutes a continuous year? Is it a certain number of games that have to be played? What if you play for 9 months in a year?
    For an explanation, go to the 'announcements' forum and you will see a thread called 'RHP Veterancy'. Russ has explained it there. Hope that helps.
  10. Standard member wolfgang59
    17 Jan '18 02:11
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    so you think the US came before the African continent? lol
    Your mind-reading is as accurate as your history.
  11. Subscriber Suzianne
    Misfit Queen
    17 Jan '18 03:21 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @biffo-konker
    What did the angels look like?
    I remember you saying you had seen angels before and was surprised that no one asked how they look.
    They looked human, like you or me, only they were wearing robes and they were barefooted. They did not appear translucent, or in any way insubstantial. One moment they were not there and the next moment they were. They left the same way. And no, they did not have wings. They did have a glow in their faces, as one might expect of a being who has stood in the presence of God.

    Thank you for asking.
  12. Subscriber FMF
    a.k.a. John W Booth
    17 Jan '18 03:47 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @whodey
    The only salvation is our "collective" salvation via the state. There is no real God. Only the state can save humanity so long as they support the proper "social justice" ambitions and eradicate over population and over pollution etc., etc.
    "Collective" action, much of it concerted by the state in cooperation with civil society organisations, in the country where I live, has achieved things like lowering maternal and infant mortality, increasing literacy, tackling preventable diseases, installing water and sanitation etc.. Nobody refers to it as "salvation" ~ only you, facetiously, it would seem.

    The word "salvation" in the context of this thread might more coherently be seen as referring to being delivered to or reaching an afterlife. The positive impacts mentioned above have all been brought about, for the most part, by theists who believe in the possibility of everlasting life like you do.
  13. Subscriber kmax87
    You've got Kevin
    17 Jan '18 07:17
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    LOL...what does you calling millions of people idiots say about you? This forum here is no different than twitter. The anonymity of the keyboard allows weaklings like you to say things you wouldn't have the nerve to say if your identity was known. That is not the case with Trump. He is known.
    Max sympathy for Trump, the little guy, standing up to be counted even though how dangerous the act of being a little guy expressing themselves on the interwebs could be. Such a brave fellow.
  14. Standard member sonship
    the corrected one.
    17 Jan '18 07:22 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by @ragwort
    I left what I would call fundamentalist/evangelical form of Christianity as the mini revival of the 1970's faded, and gradually took up what my sister calls "the woolly position", so I think you will have your work cut out to change my views.

    I moved from forms of Christianity also. But I never through out the baby with the bathwater. My inclination was to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Whom I loved.

    Thousands crowded around Jesus during his three and a half years of ministry. I wondered where where they all that night when only one hundred and twenty were left in Jerusalem awaiting the promise of the Holy Spirit. As the movement "faded" a few somehow stayed close to Him.

    Sometimes when things dried up or there were offenses, I would ask myself "What did Jesus Himself do to you?" My answer was always "Only good did the Lord Jesus ever do in you."

    The real turning point in my spiritual growth was when I prayed a prayer that God was faithful to answer. I asked Him to put me with some Christians who could encourage me and take care of me in a "shepherding" way. That is in a disciple-ling way. God really answered that prayer. I met some lovers of Jesus who knew how to take care of the Body in mutual shepherding.

    Thanks again for opening up your experience here.
  15. Standard member sonship
    the corrected one.
    17 Jan '18 07:38 / 3 edits
    Originally posted by @ragwort
    Quite frankly I find the continual minutest examination of the Biblical scriptures, with all their interpretations and allegories, unbelievably tedious and often beside the point - as Screwtape no doubt intended

    Sorry, I have not gotten to read Lewis's Screwtape Letters all the way through yet.

    Above I said I asked God to lead me to some Christians who could take care of me. This was also in the seventies. I had found that I had fallen into some of my worst sins in the hub-bub of the Jesus movement.

    One thing these brothers helped me to do was exercise my spirit over the word of God. That is not just mastering the information but praying over and with the words of the Bible. This really helped me to get the nourishment in my spirit from the Bible. I had a thread here over a year ago on "Prayreading" the word of God.

    While opposition to it was sometime fierce I did demonstrate to readers the profit of taking the whole Bible as a prayer book. You can pray the words of Scripture turning them back towards God in praise, petition, musing, spiritual contemplation, and "mastication" to touch the life element in the word of God.

    As Jeremiah wrote: "Your words were found and I did eat them. And your word became to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart." . Its there.

    Anyway it was one way among some to get into the enjoyment of Christ. The "religious duty" route usually dries up. The way of loving the Lord and feeding on the Spirit has been sustaining and prevailing for many for decades.

    Movements come and go. "He who eats Me he also shall live because of Me" is sustaining. A Christian can get off of the "plateau" that he has been stuck on. The problem of arrested growth can me overcome and you continue upward towards and deeper into Christ.