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New Year Resolutions201 Jan '18 20:09lemondroproma45
the dumping begins10201 Jan '18 13:11lemondropVery Rusty
Challenges623 Dec '17 00:43SmiffySmiffy
New clan points system2121 Dec '17 23:24roma45Blood On The Tracks
My Oh My - How quiet we are :D2217 Dec '17 08:19Mctaytoroma45
Robbie5130 Nov '17 07:50Mctaytodivegeester
Not fair!5108 Nov '17 19:22sundown316mghrn55
Finally and or course, thank you!4230 Oct '17 18:28divegeesterVery Rusty
Clan clean up6229 Oct '17 06:56roma45radioactive69
Apology to Chaney and Thank you to everyone12726 Oct '17 09:58VESPINroma45
keep it nice and civilized2418 Oct '17 17:50lemondroproma45
Cheats vs. Site Owner10217 Oct '17 01:29divegeesterradioactive69
RIP robbie carrobie5114 Oct '17 16:35lemondropVery Rusty
White Flag is up. Question for the Forum.4413 Oct '17 19:50VESPINStartreader
We're running out of Footballs413 Oct '17 18:54radioactive69roma45
Eliminated games5013 Oct '17 14:39Bart KortumVery Rusty
Russ can we have our football back7313 Oct '17 00:00roma45Very Rusty
Response to Radioactive who blocked me811 Oct '17 00:28VESPINshortcircuit
Radio's is love808 Oct '17 16:33VESPINmghrn55
Clan Business?22804 Oct '17 17:55chaney3Startreader
Indiviual Clan Player Ban14003 Oct '17 21:54Russroma45
seeking Clan for League227 Sep '17 14:39BartVHvenda
Bring back Robbie Carrobie...6623 Sep '17 19:17divegeesterVery Rusty
More peace and more quiet4621 Sep '17 18:05divegeesterVery Rusty
If it's so quiet6216 Sep '17 20:40padgerVery Rusty
Quietness, Strangeness and Charm310 Sep '17 21:42divegeesterdivegeester
Thanks Robbie20610 Sep '17 20:57chaney3divegeester
Peace and Quiet7709 Sep '17 04:17radioactive69radioactive69
Say Something Nice About Someone4406 Sep '17 12:28Very RustyVery Rusty
Is it just me...1606 Sep '17 12:21divegeesterVery Rusty