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  1. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    13 Jan '21 13:06
    @mchill said
    After years of bad leadership from Trump, we're learning what it's like to have no leadership at all -- and during a deadly pandemic killing thousands every day, a botched vaccine rollout, sniveling about the 2020 election, and an attempt to overthrow the government, by inciting goon squads to attack our capital building, kill our citizens, and destroy government property; all ...[text shortened]... thinks only of himself

    Then I'll get on my knees and pray; we don't get fooled again
    - The Who
    Trump has effectively abdicated, since Nov. 3., a shabby little man, sulking in his loss.

    America has a number of unresolved issues which have been festering for decades: gun control, equal rights for women (remember the ERA ? -- it failed), anti-discrimination laws pertaining to non-heterosexuals, teaching religion as science in the state schools, national health care, fair and transparent taxation, fiscal responsibility, police reform, persistent racial tension, and income inequality, to mention only the most pressing. Trump did nothing to resolve any of those issues and exacerbated several of them. America may yet wake up and smell the coffee, that Trump's confrontational style is not the way to resolve issues, and pull back from the brink.

    The problem is, as several people have pointed out before, that removing Trump won't solve any of these problems, nor even make any of them more tractable to resolution. Trump was always only a symptom, not a cause, of a widespread frustration among Americans over these (and other) unresolved issues. To begin resolving these issues, Americans must re-embrace the principles upon which the country was founded, which is to accept pluralism: namely, that the fed. sets ground-rules and lets the states implement details, provided the states apply their laws equally and without prejudice.

    I find the claim of some Republican politicians, that impeaching Trump would only increase division in America, preposterous and hypocritical. Trump and his facilitators spent the last four years blocking any attempt to reach political consensus on Capitol Hill, and ultimately besieged the Capitol in defiance of the rule of law. Not only the people who stormed the Capitol should be prosecuted, but also those who actively fomented the storming of the Capitol, notably Trump and Giuliani, should be prosecuted; if they aren't, it will encourage someone else to try it again, and he might succeed.
  2. Subscriberkevcvs57
    The wrong side of 60
    22 Dec '11
    13 Jan '21 13:31
    @yo-its-me said
    Somethings you can't learn from books though isn't it. If the next generation really learned from history we'd all be in such a different world.

    I, for one, am hopeful that the slide back America took when they chose Trumpy is like the step back, or the stretch and look around that a runner takes before bounding down the race track.
    Unfortunately they will be running against a 73 million strength headwind, I’ll be relieved if they can drag their disabled ass in a forward direction or at the very least hold their position.
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