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  1. Standard memberGrampy Bobby
    Boston Lad
    14 Jul '07
    27 Apr '15 09:35
    R.I.P. Mike Lomax (mikelom)
    Originally posted by grandmasteryoda
    Thread 163942
    For those that knew him, Mike Lomax (user mikelom) passed away yesterday after a year-long battle with cancer. It was looking good for him, hence his current profile comments, but unfortunately things turned for the worse over the past few days.

    Mike had been active on this site for many years and he was a good friend. Many of you will have played him. R.I.P. Mike.
  2. Account suspended
    26 Aug '07
    27 Apr '15 09:47
    Yes he gave me a spanking at chess with ease, will cherish the game and the memory. R.I.P Mikelom, you legend.
  3. Standard memberFMF
    Studying God figures
    Human Condition East
    28 Oct '05
    27 Apr '15 09:52
    Very sad news.
  4. Joined
    10 May '07
    27 Apr '15 09:58
    Originally posted by FMF
    Very sad news.
    I lost two quick games to him in a club tournament - he was a very nice and special man.
  5. Standard memberSeitse
    Doug Stanhope
    That's Why I Drink
    01 Jan '06
    27 Apr '15 10:35
    Just a week ago or so, when he posted about challenging issues, I messaged
    him privately saying that he could count on me as a sounding board, shoulder,

    He was hyped up and positive. We never got to talk after that. I am
    heartbroken for his family.
  6. Joined
    14 Mar '04
    27 Apr '15 12:34
    My heartfelt condolences to his family. I never played him but we did on occasion exchange words in the threads. He will be missed on the site. A gentleman through and through.
  7. Joined
    11 Oct '04
    27 Apr '15 15:00
    I also never played Mike, but we did cross a number of times in the forums, on subjects as far ranging as darts, snooker and classical music. He was one of the posters I would look for in a thread and read even if the subject matter did not grab me.

    He always struck me as a complete gent, with such a positive attitude. I remember the day he mentioned that he had been given the 'all clear' - it really brightened up the day, so all the sadder to hear the tragic news.

    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  8. Subscribercoquette
    Already mated
    Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    04 Jul '06
    27 Apr '15 15:27
    My deepest sympathies to his loved ones and fellow chess friends. We chatted on many topics that wandered far astray of chess. His passing leaves a pang of loss and pleasant memories for so many of us. I thank him too, for the jabs that he sometimes shot at me in the forums, as well. Rest in Peace mikelom.
  9. This is embarrasking
    17 Nov '05
    27 Apr '15 15:49
    Mikelom was indeed a good friend to many of us. I will personally miss him for the rest of my years. He was one of those guys that once you are his friend you always will be. My condolences to all the people he knew and loved especially his wife who I know for a fact he cherished as well as his family and chess friends. A real tragic loss for all of us. He left us all with a very positive feeling about his outcome. And I believe that is how he wanted us to remember him. I know I always will remember him with a huge smile. Thank you Mike for your loyalty and friendship. R.I.P.
  10. Standard memberdrewnogal
    Rocky 2008-2019
    07 Aug '12
    27 Apr '15 16:27

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  11. Joined
    16 Feb '08
    27 Apr '15 16:44
    When I first joined RHP Mikelom was one of the key forum contributors; edgy, witty, challenging, argumentative, opinionated and smart. He was banned quite frequently too, for pushing the boundaries. I liked him immediately and we were connected outside of this site for a while. I always remember his avatar at that time, it was a gold Buddha mask I think (??). A real RHPer and a good guy.
  12. Joined
    10 Nov '12
    27 Apr '15 17:00
    I didn't know Mike except through the forums, and didn't play him at chess, but his posts always showed that he was an exceptionally decent man with a clever, ironic wit and a lot of personal warmth. He also stayed well above petty forum flame wars, something could learn from sometimes. He had seemed veritably chirpy lately with the news of his test results so the news comes as quite a shock. For some of us (like me) it's not easy to imagine the human beings behind the words and moves, but Mike's irrepressible spirit seemed to me to translate very naturally onto the rhp scene. My heartfelt condolences to to his wife and those on this website who knew him well.
  13. SubscriberBigDoggProblem
    Not entirely stable
    But close enough
    26 Nov '04
    27 Apr '15 17:14
  14. Subscriberhakima
    The Razor's Edge
    08 Sep '08
    27 Apr '15 17:53
    Mike took up the challenge of offering a novice chess player, such as myself, a few tips. He was always very patient with me even when it was obvious that I had forgotten what he had told me regarding the game.

    What I do remember is pleasant conversation and his relaying the joy he had found in his relationship with his wife. My great sympathies to her now. He loved her deeply.
  15. Dublin Ireland
    31 Oct '12
    27 Apr '15 18:43
    Very sad news. Deepest condolence offered. 🙁
    He was a gentleman and very good to talk to...
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