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  1. 13 Oct '08 17:14 / 1 edit
    This is a continuation to thread Thread 101914.
    After 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6, PAWN RIOT has submitted 5.Nc3.

    Before discussing this, I want to clarify another point. I asked PAWN RIOT if he had been reading the posts up to this point. I had not told him not to because we were still in the opening. He said he only read the first one. He said he does not intend to read any more posts because it would not be fair to see what we are thinking. We can chat about the positions in depth in these forums. His word is good enough for me. Back to the position.

    I will not make it multiple choice any more.

    I would like to discuss the various possibilities right now.

    5. ... a6 is the Najdorf Sicilian. 5. ... a6 is a useful waiting move. Black remains flexible and has the option of pawn to e6 or e5, depending on the variation. For instance, 6.Be2 e6 is good or 6. ... e5 is also good. In that case the move a6 keeps the white knight from going to b5. The a6 push also prepares b5 in some variations.
    Comon replies to a6 are 6.Be2,6.Bc4,6.Bg5, and 6.f4.

    5. ... e6 is the Scheveningen Sicilian. In this variation, black builds the "small" center and develops naturally. Black builds queenside counterplay (sometimes with a6 and b5) and remains very flexible. Black strikes at the center later with d5 or e5. Common white moves are 6.Be2, 6.g4, and 6.Be3

    5. ... g6 is the Sicilian Dragon. Black intends to fianchetto the bishop, castle kingside and get in d5. Black can also work up a queenside attack. Such is the case in the Yugoslav Attack. It is a double edged variation where the two kings castle on opposite sides and launch raging attacks at each other. Here are various 6th moves for white, starting with the Yugoslav Attack. 6.Be3,6.Be2, and 6.f4.

    5. ... Nc6 is the Classical Sicilian. Black develops a piece and again remains flexible. The structure is usually decided by white's sixth move. 6.Bg5 is the Rauzer Attack (e6), 6.Bc4 is the Sozin/Velimorivic (e6),6.Be2 is the Classical Variation. After 6.Be2, black has many choices including 6. ... e5 and 6. ... g6 going back into a Dragon.

    5. ... Other moves ... Other moves are less common but not necessarily bad. Please feel free to mention another fifth move and discuss it if you like.

    That was a brief summary of some of our choices. I am not leaning toward any variation and really have not decided how to vote myself.
    I will vote later. Please feel free to discuss as much as you like.

    * When you vote please keep the vote separate from the text, so I will know it is your choice. Like this

    5. ...

  2. Standard member gambit05
    Mad Murdock
    13 Oct '08 17:29
    I would continue 5...a6. This gives more flexibility about what we do with the e-pawn (I generally prefer e6, but e5 is also an option).
  3. Standard member yosiman
    13 Oct '08 17:34
  4. 13 Oct '08 17:36
    RAWR! I'm a dragon!

    5. ... g6
  5. Standard member Mathurine
    13 Oct '08 17:38

    5. ...e5
  6. Standard member black beetle
    Black Beastie
    13 Oct '08 17:40
    5. ..e6
  7. Donation !~TONY~!
    13 Oct '08 17:44
  8. 13 Oct '08 17:44
  9. 13 Oct '08 17:46
    5. ..Nc6
  10. 13 Oct '08 17:48
    5. ... a6
  11. 13 Oct '08 17:50
    Other moves are less common? What about e5, sveshnikov!

    I still vote for a6 though!
  12. 13 Oct '08 18:04
  13. 13 Oct '08 18:17 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Octavianus
    Other moves are less common? What about e5, sveshnikov!

    I still vote for a6 though!
    I haven't seen this move order used before, although it might lead right to it. Again, something like 5. ... e5 6.Bb5+ may be the problem.
  14. 13 Oct '08 18:18
  15. 13 Oct '08 18:21
    g6 is quite a fun move and with a large pool of players we should get access to some interesting ideas. He seems like a good sport who will play into a main line opening too, which would be nice.