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  1. Standard memberRed Night
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    pursuing happiness
    22 Feb '06
    06 Nov '07 22:11
    Originally posted by briey1
    Thank goodness, a post about rugby!
    A brief single post and then you broke the trend.
  2. Standard memberboarman
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    Planet Oz
    28 May '06
    07 Nov '07 05:33
    Originally posted by boarman
    No Saffa in everyones opinion bar Red Nights.
    You are wrong and just admit it.

    Lucky he only called you an idiot

    Tell me what rhymes with Saffa
    I'd like to retract my statements on this racial issue,sometimes its not worth it to try to be funny or smart ,or whatever your intentions are.This has cost me something i treasured so much.
    Before i got involved in this debate i read with interest and was going to ask for the whole thread to be taken off ,its got out of hand,people have been hurt and thats not what this thread should be for.

    So lets just end all this trash now.
    I know i wont be allowing myself to get caught up in it anymore.
  3. Standard memberTirau Dan
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    Tirau NZ
    09 Jan '05
    08 Nov '07 08:28
    World Cup Rugby.

    Congratulations to SA for a marvellous win.
    Congratulations to Argentina for such a spirited performance which rocked so many.
    We'll Done England for getting so far this year against the odds.
    Ah you French.. our nemesis again..

    I look forward to 2011 in NZ.. fans of the game book your flights now you'll have a ball.
  4. Joined
    27 Sep '05
    05 Feb '09 07:33
    so funny
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