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Tournaments Forum

  1. Subscriber no1marauder
    Humble and Kind
    15 Mar '06 13:55
    I was going over my tournament record (😞) and came up with an interesting statistic. I have finished 27 tournaments while I've been on RHP, all opens or high bandeds. 11 have been won by players who have been banned or 40.7%. I was wondering if other players who played primarily in opens have the same type of numbers.
  2. 15 Mar '06 18:48
    are you hoping for some retroactive wins?
  3. Standard member Mesmiris
    15 Mar '06 19:01
    Originally posted by Hawaiianhomegrown
    are you hoping for some retroactive wins?
    Harsh comment, but interesting statistic. I think the number of banned, high-rated players have made a mockery of the clan scoring system, the clan leagues and the tournaments and I am sure there are more bannings to come.
  4. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    15 Mar '06 19:44
    Originally posted by no1marauder
    I was wondering if other players who played primarily in opens have the same type of numbers.
    This makes me wonder if a percentage like this equals to banded tournaments with winners that are 'way out' of the band. I have a feeling, athough no wisdom, that we will get over that 40% easily...
  5. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    16 Mar '06 00:08
    I've played in 20 completed open tournaments, 2 of which were won by players who were subsequenly banned, ie 10%.
  6. Standard member Ragnorak
    For RHP addons...
    16 Mar '06 00:49
    Small sample group, but 4 from 7 open tournaments for what its worth.

    I joined a sub 1250 comp when I first joined. An engine won that one, funnily enough.

    Meman and fckallie accounted for all 5 of the tournies won by engines, that I took part in.

  7. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    16 Mar '06 01:26
    But you have chances of winning the K-duel tournament. That one is open. Well, sort of.

    (Ai... And I made it almost into the final. Just one darn sneeky move away, hoping Chakan would not notice)
  8. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    16 Mar '06 05:37
    Zero of Seven that have finished. Five of those were open.

    Alpha 6x6 2/22: David Tebb
    Caligula Grouped Random: amoz
    Otho Grouped Random: Dynamic09
    Mini banded I 1900-1949: kwgoodwin
    Let there be Hockey Again I: kwgoodwin
    Grand Split Three Seven XII: XanthosNZ
    Autumn 2005 Face Off Banded 1800-1999: XanthosNZ

    I guess my timing has been good considering the number of those that contained cheaters that were banned before they won.
  9. Standard member cludi
    16 Mar '06 05:44
    5 out of 15 equalling 33%
    In my running through the tourneys I fell over this "Man vs Machines" one; Tournament 306
  10. 16 Mar '06 20:29
    maybe there should be a tourney just for banned players
  11. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    17 Mar '06 01:18
    Originally posted by Bernardmidgley
    maybe there should be a tourney just for banned players
    Tournament 140
  12. 17 Mar '06 04:39
    Harsh comment,
    It was meant to sound sarcastic but really maybe that should be the case. If a player gets baned his/her tournament victories should go to the runner ups.
  13. Standard member MIODude
    me, not you
    17 Mar '06 21:10 / 2 edits
    only 2 of my 19 finished tournaments have been banned players as winners (both Trackhead21). 10.5%

    One thing I found interesting.. I was in a 1400-1499 banded tournament around when I first joined the site.. the final round was between 2 players over 2000, and the person over 2100 was the winner. (but.. that would be another thread............
  14. 17 Mar '06 21:45
    Yeah, it bugs me that the rating displayed on a tournament page is always your current rating. They should finalize the rating shown when the round ends.
  15. 17 Mar '06 22:35
    I have finished 14 tournaments, of which not one engine has won...which i believe is pretty great compared to the stats shown, 0% 🙂🙂

    Quirine, David Tebb, Rosaline, and Peri dominated most of the 14 tournaments that have finished with me as a participant.